Duke Cancer Institute Blog http://www.dukecancerinstitute.org/ en Anders to Lead Session on Managing CNS Disease (11.7.20) http://www.dukecancerinstitute.org/news/anders-lead-session-managing-cns-disease-11720 Carey Anders, MD, will lead a session on managing CNS disease at the PER virtual conference on breast oncology, to be held Nov. 5 to 7. Register now! Fri, 30 Oct 2020 11:08:41 -0400 Julie Poucher Harbin 222269 Duke BRPC Membership in CHTN http://www.dukecancerinstitute.org/news/duke-brpc-membership-chtn NCI welcomes the Duke BioRepository & Precision Pathology Center as the new site of the Southern Division of the Cooperative Human Tissue Network. Thu, 29 Oct 2020 17:29:27 -0400 Julie Poucher Harbin 221963 A Team Approach to Machine Learning http://www.dukecancerinstitute.org/news/team-approach-machine-learning-directed-evaluations-clinic SHIELD-RT is, broadly across medicine, “one of the first randomized interventional studies to see if machine learning can improve patient outcomes." Thu, 29 Oct 2020 16:01:15 -0400 Sarah Brady 221962 A New Head & Neck Organ? Mowery Weighs In http://www.dukecancerinstitute.org/news/new-head-neck-organ-mowery-weighs Researchers in the Netherlands reported last week on their discovery of a set of previously unidentified head & neck organs. Yvonne Mowery, MD, PhD, weighs in. Thu, 29 Oct 2020 12:35:47 -0400 Julie Poucher Harbin 221961 FRIDAY: Breast Cancer 101 (10.30.20) http://www.dukecancerinstitute.org/news/breast-cancer-101 DCI breast surgical oncologists Lola Fayanju, MD, MA, MPHS, and Jennifer Plichta, MD, MS, give community talk, "Breast Cancer 101." Thu, 29 Oct 2020 00:04:53 -0400 Julie Poucher Harbin 221655 Know Your Body, Trust Your Intuition http://www.dukecancerinstitute.org/news/know-your-body-trust-your-intuition A Duke mammographer shares her breast cancer story. Wed, 28 Oct 2020 20:33:26 -0400 DCI Communications 221654 Bowman & Tetlow Among "Great 100" NC Nurses http://www.dukecancerinstitute.org/news/bowman-tetlow-among-great-100-nc-nurses Pam Bowman, MSN, RN, OCN and Marybeth Tetlow, MSN, RN, BMTCN, CPN, CNIV, made the list of 2020 Great 100 Nurses of North Carolina. Honored on Oct. 10. Sat, 24 Oct 2020 23:16:03 -0400 Julie Poucher Harbin 220440 Komen MBC Gala Nets $150K for Duke & UNC Research http://www.dukecancerinstitute.org/news/komen-mbc-gala-nets-150k-duke-unc-research Komen scholar Donald McDonnell, PhD, spoke about the importance of investing in breast cancer research at MBC gala that raised $150K. Sat, 24 Oct 2020 19:08:12 -0400 Julie Poucher Harbin 220439 Presenting Tomorrow's DCI Research Leaders Today http://www.dukecancerinstitute.org/news/presenting-tomorrows-dci-research-leaders-today One top trainee from each of the eight DCI Research Programs presented their pioneering cancer research projects. Benjamin Mayro received the Bell Award. Fri, 23 Oct 2020 21:08:00 -0400 Julie Poucher Harbin 220135 Cfarku Joins DCI as AVP and Chief of Oncology Nursing Services http://www.dukecancerinstitute.org/news/cfarku-joins-dci-avp-and-chief-oncology-nursing-services Monica Cfarku RN, MSN, BMTCN, CCM, NE-BC, has been named Assistant Vice President and Chief of Oncology Nursing Services for the Duke Cancer Institute. Tue, 20 Oct 2020 12:22:07 -0400 DCI Communications 219230