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August Newsmakers

Read here for a sample of some of the DCI physicians, physician-scientists, researchers and nurses whose work was featured in the media and academic journals this month. This list includes Tian Zhang, MD; Arif Kamal, MD, MHS; Kim Slusser, MSN, BSN; Fumiko Chino, MD; and many others.

Gold Nanostars and Immunotherapy Vaccinate Mice Against Cancer

By combining an FDA-approved cancer immunotherapy with an emerging tumor-roasting nanotechnology, Duke University researchers improved the efficacy of both therapies in a proof-of-concept study using mice. The potent combination also attacked satellite tumors and distant cancerous cells, completely...

Mark Dewhirst, “The Human Synapse,” Eases Into Retirement

When a Galapagos tortoise suffering from sarcoma needed help in 1983, zookeepers at the Staten Island Zoo called Mark Dewhirst, DVM, PhD, a young scientist at University of Arizona who had been conducting clinical trials on dogs using radiotherapy. They were hoping radiotherapy might also help the...

Pre-Clinical Translational Research Unit

Led by Greg Palmer, PhD, chief director, and Gabi Hanna, MD, executive director, the Duke Pre-clinical Translational Research Unit provides Duke Cancer Institute members the opportunity to perform critical in vivo experiments in a semi-independent laboratory, with input and oversight from experts...

Shared Resource: Optical Molecular Imaging and Analysis

Of all the resources available to aid in cancer research, luciferase–a group of enzymes responsible for the bioluminescent activity of fireflies and other glowing animals–seem like an unlikely candidate. Yet at the DCI’s Optical Molecular Imaging and Analysis shared resource , luciferase is fueling...