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Adaptive Pharmacotherapy for Tobacco Dependence
Principal Investigator: Davis, James
Protocol Number: PRO00072077

Age Group: Adult
Scope: Local

Phase: II (Cancer Control)
Disease Site: Unknown Sites

Contact: Thomas, Leah

What is the Condition Being Studied?
What is the Purpose of this Study?
We are doing this study to look at a new combination of already approved treatments to help people quit smoking. 
Who Can Participate in the Study?
Adults who: 
- Smoke greater than or equal to 5 cigarettes per day
- Do not abuse alcohol or drugs
- Are not pregnant
- Have no history of seizures
What is Involved?
If  you choose to join this study, you will: 
- Choose 12 weeks of Chantix (pill) or Nicotine Patch
- Have 5 study visits over 4 months
- Complete tests/assessments and self-report diaries at each visit
Participating Institutions:
  • Duke University Health System : Leah Thomas
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