REGISTER: Master of Health Sciences in Clinical Leadership (MHS-CL) Courses

October 12, 2017
By: Duke University School of Medicine

The Master of Health Sciences in Clinical Leadership (MHS-CL) is offering, for faculty and staff, two courses for the upcoming spring term, January to April 2018.  

The spring courses are an excellent way to bolster one’s understanding and skills in the areas of Population Health ImprovementandLeadership in Health Care. There are only three days of onsite sessions and the remainder of the courses are led via distance-based education platform – ideal for full time working professionals and students/trainees searching for elective courses.

Spring Course descriptions:

CLP-214: Population Health Management Approaches

This survey course provides an overview of the importance of population health, models of population health management, community and population health improvement, and considerations for evaluation of these efforts.   It will give health care professionals a better understanding of concepts such as panel management, care coordination, practice improvement, accountable care communities, and patient/stakeholder engagement along with the systems and tools necessary to develop those models. Participants are encouraged to share population health improvement ideas in order to receive consultation in developing and implementing those initiatives. 

CLP-204: Leading in a Chaotic Environment

In this course, students will examine outlooks on crisis management in turbulent and complex environments and learn how to anticipate and plan for crises by analyzing examples of successful crisis management. The study of leadership theory and practice will also be explored as students examine leadership types and styles, including their own