Carey Anders, MD

Medical Director

John Kirkpatrick, MD, PhD

Radiation Director

C. Rory Goodwin, MD, PhD

Surgical Director

Natalie Ashley, RN

Patient Navigator

David Ashley, MBBS, PhD

Director, Robert Tisch Brain Tumor Center

Michael B. Kastan, MD, PhD

Executive Director, DCI

John Sampson, MD, PhD

Chair, Department of Neurosurgery

Our Team

Duke Center for Brain and Spine Metastasis at DCI is the most comprehensive destination site for patients with brain and/or spinal metastases or leptomeningeal disease (LMD).

The center is comprised of known thought leaders in their respective fields. A wide variety of research projects and initiatives are underway to help better understand brain and spine metastasis, a problem of major medical and scientific importance.

Duke is at the forefront of international brain tumor research and treatment. That recognition extends to the specialists who treat people with metastatic brain and spine tumors.

David Ashley, MBBS, PhD; Michael B. Kastan, MD, PhD; and John Sampson, MD, PhD; make up the center's executive leadership team.

David A. Brown, MD, PhD

Carolyn E. Keeler, DO, DO
Rapipen Siriwetchadarak, MD

Giselle Lopez, MD PhD

Thomas J. Hopkins, MD, MBA
M. Yawar J. Qadri, MD, PhD
Alan Sag, MD

Anthony N. Galanos, MD




Peter E. Fecci, MD, PhD :: Brain
Patrick J. Codd, MD :: Brain

John H. Sampson, MD, PhD, :: Brain
Steve H Cook, MD :: Brain
C. Rory Goodwin, MD, PhD :: Spine
Chester Yarbrough, MD :: Spine
Isaac O. Karikari, MD :: Spine
John C Barr, MD :: Spine
Muhammad Abd-El-Barr, MD, PhD :: Spine

Denise M. Lally-Goss, MSN, ANP-C, GNP-C
Brice D. Painter, PA-C, MHS

Sergio A. Mendoza Lattes, MD

Christopher R. Kelsey, MD
John P. Kirkpatrick, MD, PhD
Jordan Torok, MD
Scott R. Floyd, MD, PhD

Carey Anders, MD :: Breast
Sarah L. Sammons, MD :: Breast

Jeffrey M. Clarke, MD :: Lung
April K.S. Salama, MD :: Melanoma
Daniel J. George, MD :: GU
John H. Strickler, MD :: GI
Rebecca A. Previs, MD :: GYN

Jennie Petruney, MSN, ANP-BC