STICk-IM NSCLC (Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer with Brain Metastases)

What is the Purpose of this Study?

If you choose to join this study, you will:
- Be randomized (like flipping a coin) into Group 1 or Group 2:
-- Group 1 will go as follows:
--- Have stereotactic radiation therapy (SRS) right away in up to 5 doses
--- Receive immunotherapy later after the SRS
-- Group 2 will go as follows:
---- Receive immunotherapy right away
---- Receive SRS later, but only if your cancer progresses

All study participants will:
- Answer questionnaires
- Have neurocognitive tests
- Have blood draws

Your participation will last for about 1 year. You may be asked to come for one more visit between year 1 and year 2, but only if your cancer progresses.
What is the Condition Being Studied?
Lung cancer that has spread to the brain

Who Can Participate in this Study?

Adults ages 18 and older who:

- Have between 1-15 brain metastases

- Primary tumor origin is non-small cell lung cancer

- Plan to have immunotherapy

- Are able to have an MRI

- Have not received whole brain radiation therapy

Age Group
Participating Institutions

What is Involved?

We are doing this study to find out if the timing of radiation and immunotherapy can improve outcomes.

Study Details

Full Title
A randomized, Phase II trial of SRS Timing with Immune Checkpoint Inhibition in patients with Brain Metastases from non-small cell lung cancer (STICk-IM NSCLC)
Principal Investigator
Scott Floyd
Gary Hock and Lyn Proctor Associate Professor of Radiation Oncology

Protocol Number

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