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DCI-Led Clinical Trial Leads to FDA Approval of Novel Cord Blood Therapy, Expands Stem Cell Transplant Options

Cancer Takes its Toll on St. Pauls Woman, but Can’t Steal Her Joy for Life

DCI Launches Cancer Health Disparities & Equity Lecture Series

Secord Installed as New President of the Society of Gynecologic Oncology


Shaking a Shared Delusion: Andrea Deyrup Combats Race-Based Medicine (Dept. of Pathology/(Duke University School of Medicine)
Features Andrea Deyrup, MD, PhD

Kimberly Johnson Presents on Advance Care Planning at Dean's Distinguished Research Series (Duke University School of Medicine)
Features Kimberly Johnson, MD

Angeles Alvarez Secord Installed as SGO President, Honored with Prestigious Award, at Annual Meeting on Women’s Cancer (Duke OB/Gyn)
Features Angeles Alvarez Secord, MD, MHSc

Gregory Among Those Honored for Breast Cancer Gene Discovery (Duke University School of Medicine/CGAT)

WATCH: Dean Klotman sat down with Julius Wilder, MD, PhD, to discuss the rising rate of colon cancer in young adults (Duke University School of Medicine)
Features Julius Wilder, MD, PhD

WATCH: Duke Health/DCI Releases PSA on Lung Cancer Screening (Duke Health)
Features Hilary Crittenden, MSN

Gyn-Onc Surgeon Emma Rossi, MD, Joins Duke (Clinical Practice Today)

Robotics Help Surgeons Improve Gynecological Procedure Outcomes (Clinical Practice Today)
Features Emma Rossi, MD

Work Lessons from Duke Surgeons (Duke Today)
Features Betty Tong, MD, Trey Blazer, MD, and Laura Rosenberger, MD

Enhanced Recovery Shortens Hospital Stays, Improves Patient Outcomes (Clinical Practice Today)
Features Julie Thacker, MD

Back to An Active Life After CAR T-Cell Therapy for Leukemia (Duke Health Blog)
Features Carlos M. De Castro III, MD, and Ahmed Galal, MD

Can Scientists Learn to Prevent Brain Tumors?
Features David Ashley, MD

Trudy Oliver Tracks a Deadly, Shapeshifting Tumor (Duke University School of Medicine)
Features Trudy Oliver, PhD


Duke Cancer Institute Awards Michael B. Kastan, MD, PhD (The Cancer Letter) 
Features Michael Kastan, MD, PhD

New Prognostic Staging System for De Novo Metastatic Breast Cancer (ASCO Post)
Features Jennifer Plichta, MD, MS

Prostate cancer: New combination therapy could reduce progression risk (Medical News Today)
Features Andrew Armstrong, MD, MSc

Encuentran biomarcadores prometedores para identificar el riesgo precoz de cancer de pancreas (Ciencia & Salud (Es))
Features Peter Allen MD, PhD

Salvage whole-gland cryoablation effective for radiorecurrent prostate cancer (Renal & Urology News)
Features Thomas Polascik, MD

Salvage treatment after RT failure in prostate cancer (Urology Times)
Features Thomas Polascik, MD

Consider life expectancy in surveillance colonoscopy advice, (MDEdge Internal Medicine)
Features Ziad Gellad, MD, MPH

Cryocompression therapy for peripheral neuropathy in gynecologic cancers (Oncology Nursing News)
Features Mary Katherine Montes de Oca, MD

Cold compression may prevent chemo-induced neuropathy (Cure Today)
Features Mary Katherine Montes de Oca, MD

Cryocompression May Reduce Peripheral Neuropathy in Gynecologic Cancer (Cancer Therapy Advisor)
Features Mary Katherine Montes de Oca Anastasio, MD

Use of cryocompression to reduce peripheral neuropathy in gynecologic cancers (OncLive)
Features Mary Katherine Montes de Oca Anastasio, MD

DCI GU Nurse Sarah Yenser Wood, RN, MSN, ANP, AOCNP, leads a panel discussion about managing toxicities in kidney cancer (Oncology Nursing News)


Behind the FDA Approval: Omidubicel for Blood Cancers in Need of HSCT (Targeted Oncology)
Features Mitchell Horwitz, MD

WATCH: Dr Horwitz on the FDA Approval of Omidubicel in Blood Cancers Requiring Transplant (OncLive)
Features Mitchell Horwitz, MD

A New Approach to Identifying Patients Who May Benefit from PSMA-Targeted Therapy” (Prostate Cancer Foundation)
Features Andrew Armstrong, MD, MHSc

WATCH: PSMA-Targeted Radioligand Therapy and Liquid Biopsy Characterizing PSMA Expression in Men with Metastatic Castration-Resistant Prostate Cancer - Andrew Armstrong (UroToday)
Features Andrew Armstrong, MD, MHSc

Deborah Kaye, MD, on the Cost of First-Line Tx for Metastatic Castrate-resistant Prostate Cancer (MedPage Today)
Features Deborah Kaye, MD

Elacestrant: This breast cancer treatment had a 30-year journey to FDA approval (MD Linx)
Features Suzanne Wardell, PhD

Radical nephroureterectomy vs. nephron sparing surgery in upper tract urothelial carcinoma (Medpage Today)
Features John Dudinec
(medical student)

Childhood cancer survivors maintaining a healthy lifestyle may have lower risk of mortality (News Medical Life Sciences)
Kevin Oeffinger, MD

MSK researchers want to test new chemo delivery method to bypass toxicity in DPD-deficient patients (Precision Oncology News) 
Features Michael Lidsky, MD

761 exceptional women in oncology, per Castle Connolly (Becker’s Hospital Review) 
Features Kathleen Cooney, MD; Susan Kreissman, MD; Linda Marie Sutton, MD; Kimberly Blackwell, MD; Melanie Thomas; Jennifer Garst, MD; Angeles Alvarez Secord, MD, MHSc; Laura Havrilesky, MD

CV risk factor disparities in childhood cancer survivors similar to general population (Healio Cardiology)
Features David Noyd, MD

Early supportive care extends life, eases cancer symptoms (Cure Today)
Features Arif Kamal, MD

Top 15 research medical schools, per US News’ updated methodology (Becker’s Hospital Review)
Duke University (9)

Uterine cancer mortality on the rise, but research remains underfunded (Endocrinology Adviser)
Features Linda Zambrano Guevera, MD candidate

Clinical trial participation may be associated with improved overall survival in patients with ovarian cancer (ASCO Post)
Features Linda Zambrano Guevera, MD

Uterine cancer mortality on the rise, but research remains underfunded (Cancer Therapy Advisor)
Features Linda Zambrano 
Guevera, MD

Video Roundtable Series: HER2-Positive Metastatic Colorectal Cancer (the ASCO Post)

Features John Strickler, MD

Extravascular Hemolysis and Residual Anemia in Paroxysmal Nocturnal Hemoglobinuria
Features Carlos M. de Castro III, MD

Therapy for Small, HER2-Positive Breast Tumors Is Highly Effective After 10 Years (Cancer Health) 
Features Paul Kelly Marcom, MD

Healthy lifestyle associated with reduced mortality risk in childhood cancer survivors (St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital)
Features Kevin Oeffinger, MD

WATCH: "From Bench to Bedside to Curbside and Back: Addressing Rare Cancer Health Disparities focusing on IBC" (Association for Clinical and Translational Science Annual Meeting)
Features Gayathri Devi, PhD

LISTEN: Brain Tumor Survivor Sandra Hillburn on the Treatment that Saved Her Life (Cancer History Project/Cancer Letter)
Features John Sampson, MD, PhD; Henry Friedman, MD; and Allan Friedman, MD; and patient Sandra Hillburn

Rapid Advances Shake Up Treatment Considerations in ALL, CML, AML (OncLive)
Features Harry Erba, MD, PhD

Patient Profile: A 35-Year-Old Woman with Chronic GVHD (Targeted Oncology)
Features Nelson Chao, MD, MBA

WATCH: Navigating Goals-of-Care Conversations in Gynecologic Oncology (Consultant 360/SGO)
Features Brittany Davidson, MD, at the SGO Meeting

WATCH: Angelo Moore, PhD, RN, NE-BC, Discusses the Importance of Communication at the "A Better Wake DEI Blueprint Town Hall" (Raleigh Chamber of Commerce Twitter)


D'Amico Honored by the Triangle Business Journal with "Surgeon of the Year"(Triangle Business Journal)
Features Thomas D'Amico, MD

A research team airs the messy truth about AI in medicine — and gives hospitals a guide to fix it (STAT News)

Why Some Scientists Believe the Future of Medicine Lies in Creating Digital Twins (TIME Magazine)
Features Amanda Randles, PhD


ABL kinases regulate the stabilization of HIF-1α and MYC through CPSF1 Cell Biology April 11, 2023 Benjamin Mayro; Jacob P. Hoj; Christian G. Cerda-Smith; Haley M. Hutchinson; Michael W. Caminear; Hannah L. Thrash; Peter S. Winter; Suzanne E. Wardell; Donald P. McDonnell; Colleen Wu; Kris C. Wood; Ann Marie Pendergast.

The Affordable Care Act and suicide incidence among adults with cancer J Cancer Surviv April 2023 Justin M Barnes, Evan M Graboyes, Eric Adjei Boakye, Erin E Kent, Jeffrey F Scherrer, Eliza M Park, Donald L Rosenstein, Yvonne M Mowery, Junzo Chino, David M Brizel, Nosayaba Osazuwa-Peters

Current drug development and trial designs in neuro-oncology: report from the first American Society of Clinical Oncology and Society for Neuro-Oncology Clinical Trials Conference The Lancet April 2023 Rifaquat Rahman, MD; Mei-Yin C Polley, PhD; Laura Alder, MD; Priscilla K Brastianos, MD; Prof Carey K Anders, MD; Prof Hussein A Tawbi, MD PhD; Prof Minesh Mehta, MD; Prof Patrick Y Wen, MD; Susan Geyer, PhD; Prof John de Groot, MD; Prof Gelareh Zadeh, MD PhD; Prof Steven Piantadosi, MD PhD; Prof Evanthia Galanis, MD; Prof Mustafa Khasraw, MD

Low contralateral neck recurrence risk with ipsilateral neck radiotherapy in N2b tonsillar squamous cell carcinoma. Oral Oncology April 2023 Natesan D, Cramer C, Oyekunle T, Niedzwiecki D, Brizel D, Mowery Y.

Novel Prognostic Staging System for Patients With De Novo Metastatic Breast Cancer Journal of Clinical Oncology March 21, 2023 Jennifer K. Plichta , MD, MS; Samantha M. Thomas, MS; Daniel F. Hayes, MD; Mariana Chavez-MacGregor, MD, MSc; Kimberly Allison, MD; Jennifer de los Santos, MD; Amy M. Fowler, MD, PhD; Armando E. Giuliano, MD; Priyanka Sharma, MD; Benjamin D. Smith, MD; Elizabeth van Eycken, MD; Stephen B. Edge, MD; and Gabriel N. Hortobagyi, MD.

Low contralateral neck recurrence risk with ipsilateral neck radiotherapy in N2b tonsillar squamous cell carcinomaOral Oncol Mar 15, 2023. Natesan D, Cramer CK, Oyekunle T, Niedzwiecki D, Brizel DM, Mowery YM. 

Adaptive Positron Emission Tomography Radiation Therapy in Patients With Locally Advanced Vulvar Cancer: A Prospective StudyAdv Radiat Oncol Mar 1, 2023 Shenker R, Eckrich C, D'Anna R, Niedzwiecki D, Rodrigues A, Craciunescu O, Chino J.

Outcomes in Patients with Intact and Resected Brain Metastasis Treated with 5-Fraction Stereotactic RadiosurgeryAdvances in Radiation Oncology Mar 1, 2023 Carpenter DJ, Fairchild AT, Adamson JD, Fecci PE, Sampson JH, Herndon JE, Torok JA, Mullikin TC, Kim GJ, Reitman ZJ, Kirkpatrick JP. 

The Impact of Racial Disparities on Outcome in Patients With Stage IIIC Endometrial Carcinoma: A Pooled Data AnalysisAm J Clin Oncol Mar. 1, 2023 Patrich T, Wang Y, Elshaikh MA, Zhu S, Damast S, Li JY, Fields EC, Beriwal S, Keller A, Kidd EA, Usoz M, Jolly S, Jaworski E, Leung EW, Taunk NK, Chino J, Russo AL, Lea JS, Lee LJ, Albuquerque KV, Hathout L.

A Novel Preclinical Murine Model to Monitor Inflammatory Breast Cancer Tumor Growth and Lymphovascular Invasion Cancers Feb. 6, 2023 Ashlyn G. Rickard; Dorababu S. Sannareddy; Alexandra Bennion; Pranalee Patel; Scott J. Sauer; Douglas C. Rouse; Samantha Bouchal; Harrison Liu; Mark W. Dewhirst; Gregory M. Palmer; Gayathri R. Devi

Whole-Slide Cytometric Feature Mapping for Distinguishing Tumor Genomic Subtypes in Head and Neck Squamous Cell Carcinoma Whole-Slide Images (Am J Pathol) Feb. 2023 Stephanie J Blocker; Samantha Morrison; Jeffrey I Everit; James Cook; Sheng Luo; Tammara Watts, MD, PhD; Yvonne Mowery, MD, PhD.