Batich Receives Young Investigator Award

Kristen Batich
Kristen Batich

DCI physician scientist Kristen Batich, MD, PhD, was recently granted an ASCO Young Investigator Award, which provides research funding to promising young physicians during the final years of training to support the transition to a faculty appointment and to encourage quality research in clinical oncology.

Batich, a Duke Neurosurgery postdoctoral fellow in the Sampson Lab, will research endogenous dendritic cell trafficking and anti-tumor immunity in gliomas (brain tumors).

Selected Grants

Endogenous dendritic cell trafficking and antitumor immunity in spontaneous glioblastoma awarded by American SOciety of Clinical Oncology 2022 - 2023

Enhancing dendritic cell migration to drive potent anti-tumor immune responses awarded by National Institutes of Health 2013 - 2017

Recent Publication

Swartz, Adam M., Kelly M. Hotchkiss, Smita K. Nair, John H. Sampson, and Kristen A. Batich. “Generation of Tumor Targeted Dendritic Cell Vaccines with Improved Immunogenic and Migratory Phenotype.Methods Mol Biol 2410 (2022): 609–26.


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