January Newsmakers

Caris Life Sciences Adds Premier Academic Brain Tumor Center to its Precision Oncology Alliance (Associated Press)
Features Preston Robert Tisch Brain Tumor Center

Garner mom, non-smoker fights lung cancer with specialized treatment (ABC-11)
Features Jennifer Garst, MD

TBJ reveals 2020 Health Care Heroes Awards winners (Triangle Business Journal)
Features Brenda Wilcox, RN

Duke research could advance treatments for prostate cancer (Triangle Business Journal)

Helping Cancer Researchers Jump the Last Hurdles Before Clinical Trials (American Cancer Society)
Features Dorothy Sipkins, MD, PhD

Nadine Barrett, PhD, Named Member of the AACR-Minorities in Cancer Research Council (AACR)

BREAKING NEWS: FDA approves enzalutamide for metastatic castration-sensitive prostate cancer (Prostate Cancer Foundation)
Features Andrew Armstrong, MD

HIF targeting: A hopeful bullseye on the target of cancer therapy (Boston University News Service)
Features Mark Dewhirst, PhD

Supporting Patients with Cancer and Their Families (Cure Today)
Features Benjamin Weast

Positive results of selinexor in relapsed and refractory myeloma patients presented at ASH 2019 (Myeloma Patients Europe)
Features Cristina Gasparetto, MD

Lung cancer treatment options much improved, but resistance remains (BioWorld)
Features Kris Wood, PhD

Immunotherapy for Colorectal Cancer: Recent Research Context (MedPage Today)
Features Michael Morse, MD

Enzalutamide Plus ADT Significantly Reduces Risk of Progression in Metastatic Hormone-Sensitive Prostate Cancer (Targeted Oncology)
Features Andrew Armstrong, MD

FDA advisory committee unanimously supports approval of tazemetostat for epithelioid sarcoma (HemeOnc Today)
Features Richard Riedel, MD

FDA Approves Tazverik for Advanced Epithelioid Sarcoma (HemeOnc Today)
Features Richard Riedel, MD

Getting More Specific About Adjuvant Therapy Effects in Kidney Cancer (Cancer Therapy Advisor)
Daniel George, MD

New Unconfirmed Bone Lesions Predict Enzalutamide Response in mCRPC (Oncology Learning Network)
Features Andrew Armstrong, MD

Watch: Dr. Stinchcombe on Remaining Challenges in ALK+ NSCLC (OncLive)

Watch: Dr. Lazarides on Challenges in Moving the Field of Osteosarcoma Forward (OncLive)

Watch: Active Surveillance for Favorable Risk mRCC (Oncology Tube)
Features Michael Harrison, MD

Listen: Blood & Cancer--Understanding biosimilars (MDEdge)
Features Thomas LeBlanc, MD

Profiles in Brain Sciences: Andrew West, PhD (Duke Department of Neurology)
Features Andrew West, PhD

Chemotherapy Pump Helps People with Metastatic Liver Cancer Live Longer (Duke Health)
Features Peter J. Allen, MD, and Michael Lidsky, MD

A Crystal Ball for the Decade Ahead: Health Care -- Circa 2030 (Duke Today)
Features Geoffrey Ginsburg, MD, PhD

Francis named new chair of Department of Head and Neck Surgery & Communication Sciences (Duke University School of Medicine)
Features Howard W. Francis, MD

Ways to Snack Smart at Work (Duke Today)
Features Heather Sperling MSN, RN, OCN

Dr. Charles Scales Jr. Appointed Director of Duke Surgical Center for Outcomes Research (Duke Surgery)
Features Charles Scales Jr., MD

Women's Health: It's Personal for Nimmi Ramanujam (Duke SoM)
Features Nimmi Ramanujam, PhD

Mark Slive Foundation Awards Park and Huang (Duke Pathology)
Features Jung Wook Park, PhD, and Jiaoti Huang MD, PhD

Faculty Spotlight: Manisha Bhattacharya, MD, MBA (Department of Medicine, Duke SoM)
Features Manisha Bhattacharya, MD, MBA

Fighting to Eliminate Cervical Cancer (DGHI)
Features Megan Huchko, MD

Listen: Can I Get Lung Cancer If I Don’t Smoke? (Duke SoM)
Features Jeffrey Crawford, MD


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