January Newsmakers

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Saved by COVID-19? How a Raleigh woman’s infection now means she’s breast cancer free (CBS-17)
Features Tammy Kreuzer, MD

AI detects cancerous lesions in mammography scans (Health IT Analytics)
Features Joseph Lo, PhD, Alina Barnett, PhD, Fides Schwartz, MD

"We're going to get there": 50 years after start of 'War on Cancer,' hopes persist for more progress (WTVD-ABC 11)
Features Michael B. Kastan, MD, PhD

Big Ideas: Ben Vincent, MD, Teams with Cary Anders, MD, on Triple Negative Breast Cancer Metastasis to the Brain Research (V Foundation website)
Features Carey Anders, MD

Novel Agents on the Horizon and the Challenge of ‘Right-Sizing’ Treatment (ASCO Post Supplement Breast Cancer Almanac)
Features Carey Anders, MD

SUO 2021: Should Transperineal Biopsy Be Standard of Care? (Uro Today)
Features Deborah Kaye, MD, MS

Assessing the efficacy of enzalutamide plus ADT in oligometastatic prostate cancer (Urology Times)
Features Andrew Armstrong, MD, MSc

Propylene Glycol–Free Melphalan Passes Safety Test (Pharmacy Practice News)
Features Ko Maung, MD

Patients report ongoing symptoms after stem cell transplant for acute myeloid leukemia (Healio)
Features Thomas W. LeBlanc, MD, MA, MHS

Precision Therapies for Non–Small Cell Lung Cancer: Side Effects and Patient Education (Expert Perspectives in Oncology)
Features Jeffrey Crawford, MD

Duke Smoking Cessation Success Story (Healthwise)
Features Jillian Dirkes, LCSW, Program Manager, Duke Smoking Cessation Program


Features Will Eward, DVM, MD

Unique Coaching Model Allows Patients to Be Themselves (Duke Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences)
Gary Maslow, MD, MPH, and McLean Pollock, PhD

Huang Lab Receives New NIH Grant for Prostate Cancer Research (Duke Department of Pathology)
Features Jiaoti Huang, MD, PhD

STUDY: High Levels of PFAS Found in Anti-Fogging Sprays and Cloths (Nicholas School of the Environment)
Features Heather Stapleton, PhD


Why Are We Failing to Do What Works? Musings on Outpatient Palliative Care Integration in Cancer Care JCO Oncol Pract Dec 22, 2021 Neha KayasthaThomas W LeBlanc 

The management of toxicities from immune, targeted and ADCs treatments in patients with urothelial cancer Urologic Oncology: Seminars and Original Investigations Jan. 2022 Saad Atiq, MD, Nathan Hirshman, MD, Afreen Shariff, MD, Tian Zhang MD, MHS.

An integrated comparative physiology and molecular approach pinpoints mediators of breath-hold capacity in dolphins Evolution, Medicine, and Public Health, Volume 9, Issue 1, 2021, Pages 420–430  Ashley M Blawas, Kathryn E Ware, Emma Schmaltz, Larry Zheng, Jacob Spruance, Austin S Allen, Nicole West, Nicolas Devos, David L Corcoran, Douglas P Nowacek, William C Eward, Andreas Fahlman, Jason A Somarelli

Cardiac Computed Tomography in Cardio-Oncology: Primer JACC: CardioOncology Dec 3, 2021 Juan C. Lopez-Mattei, Eric H. Yang, Maros Ferencik, Lauren A. Baldassarre, Susan Dent, and Matthew J. Budoff

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