March Newsmakers

ICYMI at Duke

Q&A: Meet Gerry Grant, Duke’s incoming chair of neurosurgery (The (Duke) Chronicle)
Features Gerald Grant, MD

From Dormmates to Research Collaborators: Global health students Ramya Ginjupalli and Rachel Mundaden turned friendship into co-authorship of a research paper on cervical cancer stigma in Kenya (Duke Global Health Institute)
Features Megan Huchko, MD, and students Ramya Ginjupalli and Rachel Mundaden 

Fellow Grant for Pediatric Brain Tumor Research Awarded (Department of Radiation Oncology)
Features Zachary Reitman, MD, PhD

Navigator Helps Patients Overcome Barriers to Onco-Fertility Treatment (Clinical Practice Today)
Features Kelly Acharya, MD

The Legacy of Donald Love, One of the First Black Duke Hospital Employees (Department of Pathology)

Dr. Charles Johnson and his Legacy of Change (SoM Magnify)

LCI Celebrates Lung Cancer Fellows

LCI logoJames Isaacs, MD, was among five 2021-22 Lung Cancer Initiative Research Fellowshonored by LCI at the non-profit's Annual Update & Awards Celebration dinner held March 3. Last year, Isaacs received the 2021 LCI Distinguished Fellow Award.  Isaacs' project is "Evaluating the Impact of PCSK9 on the Composition of the Tumor-Immune Microenvironment and Treatment Response to the Immune Checkpoint Blockade in NSCLC." He is being mentored by DCI thoracic oncologists Neal Ready, MD, PhD, and Scott Antonia, MD, PhD. His most recent publication is “Immune Checkpoint Inhibitors in the Aged."

Paige Humble Jacob Kaufman Kris WoodJacob Kaufman, MD, a 2018 Lung Cancer Initiative Research Fellow from DCI, was featured in LCI's 2021 Annual Impact Report for his research into an important molecular variant of lung cancer. Kaufman — pictured in 2018 at center with his then-mentor Kris Wood, PhD (right) and LCI's Paige Humble (left) — credits his LCI grant for helping launch his lung cancer research career. It was his first source of independent funding. In August 2021, Kaufman joined the faculty at The Ohio State University Cancer Center.

Media & Trades

Duke doctor urges screening to prevent colorectal cancer (Spectrum News)
Features Julius Wilder, MD, PhD

A Wave of New Cancer Treatments Challenges Community Oncologists to Keep Up (Scientific American)
Features Arif Kamal, MD, MBA, MHS, FACP, FAAHPM, FASCO

Prostate cancer rates on the rise (CBS-17)
Features Judd Moul, MD

Women’s History Month: Meet the women making cancer history at VA (The U.S. Department Veterans Affairs VAntage Point blog)
Features Haley Moss, MD, MBA

Earning the public’s trust (Science Advances)
Features Warren Warren, PhD

Known Medicine Partners with Duke University to Predict Lung Cancer Response to Drug Treatments (Business Wire)
Features Kamran Mahmood, MD, MPH

Women’s Cancer Research Grants Awarded to Innovative, Emerging Scientists (Newswise)
Features Pamela Peters, MD, awarded the AstraZeneca Young Investigator Stimulus Ovarian Research Award

Duke Cancer Institute Expanding Molecular Tumor Board Access to Rural, Underserved Communities (Precision Oncology News)
Features John Strickler, MD

Multiple Myeloma is Being Diagnosed More Often in Younger Patients, But The Reasons Why Are Unclear (Cure)
Features Cristina Gasparetto, MD

Shelley Hwang, MD, on Helping Patients Make DCIS Management Decisions Experiment showed cancer risk wasn't the only patient concern (The Reading Room: MedPage Today & ASCO)
Features Shelley Hwang, MD, MHS

Fluorescence-guided lumpectomy shows promise (Medpage Today)
Features Shelley Hwang, MD, MHS

Duke University Laboratory Leaders Deliver During the Pandemic
Features Diana M. Cardona, MD, FCAP, and Michael Datto, MD, PhD, FCAP

  • Malignant Peritoneal Mesothelioma is a rare, aggressive cancer that occurs in the lining of the abdomen (peritoneum). It is diagnosed in about 600 patients every year in the U.S. DCI's Thomas D'Amico, MD, is a member of the NCCN Guidelines Panel for this cancer
  • Ampullary Adenocarcinoma are tumors that occur around a small opening at the junction of the duodenum, bile duct, and pancreatic duct. This type accounts for less than one percent of all GI cancers. DCI's Brian Czito, MD, and Jorge Obando, MD, are members of the NCCN Guidelines Panel for this cancer.
Oropharyngeal cancer incidence, mortality rise across US (Healio)
Features Nosayaba Osazuwa-Peters, BDS, PhD, MPH, CHES

Molecularly targeted therapy may improve survival in advanced, recurrent endometrial cancer (Cancer Therapy Advisor)
Features Angeles Alvarez Secord, MD, MHSc


Patient Preferences for Outcomes Following DCIS Management Strategies: A Discrete Choice Experiment JCO Oncology Practice Nov. 2021 Brittany M. Chapman, BS; Jui-Chen Yang, MEM; Juan Marcos Gonzalez, PhD; Laura Havrilesky, MD, MHSc; Shelby D. Reed, PhD; and E. Shelley Hwang, MD, MPH.

Tumor marker response to SARS-CoV-2 infection among patients with cancer Cancer Medicine March 15, 2022 Alexander H. Gunn, Carolyn Tashie, Steven Wolf, Jesse D. Troy, Yousuf Zafar

Population Trends and Long-term Outlook for Oropharyngeal Cancer Have We Found a Silver Lining? JAMA Editorial December 16, 2021 Nosayaba (Nosa) Osazuwa-Peters, BDS, PhD, MPH, CHES; Louise Davies, MD, MS

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