March Newsmakers


Veteran Thyroidologist Joins Growing Endocrine Neoplasia Team
Features Todd Frieze, MD, FACP, FACE, ECNU

Full Spectrum of GI Cancer Services Offered in Wake County (Clinical Practice Today)
Features Aman Opneja, MD

Full Spectrum of Thoracic Cancer Services Offered in Wake County (Clinical Practice Today)
Joel Rivera Concepcion, MD, JD

Duke Researchers Play Key Role in New Breast Cancer Drug (Clinical Practice Today)
Features Donald McDonnell, PhD, and Suzanne Wardell, PhD

Lefkowitz Lecture, Faculty Talks Launch Dean's Distinguished Research Series (Duke University School of Medicine)
Features Craig Lowe, PhD

Research Series Focuses on Social Determinants of Health and Health Disparities (Duke University School of Medicine)
Features Keisha Bentley-Edwards, PhD

Smoking: A Huge Modifiable Risk Factor for Colorectal Cancer (Duke/UNC Tobacco Treatment Specialist Training Program)
Written by Rachael Joyner (family nurse practitioner)

Akinyemiju Lung Cancer/ Radon Project Selected for Duke Climate Commitment Funding (Duke Today)
Features Tomi Akinyemiju, PhD

Nurse’s Book about the Pandemic is a Pathway for Healing (Duke Today)
Features Markita Wright, LPN

Duke and NCCU students collaborate to honor Rare Disease Day (The Chronicle)
Features Duke Consortium for IBC

WATCH: McManus Presents at GU ASCO on Disparities in Kidney Cancer Care (via Twitter, Daniel George, MD)
Features Hannah Dzimitrowicz McManus, MD

NEJM: New Guidance for Resection in Early-Stage Lung Cancer (Duke Department of Biostatistics)
Features Xiaofei Wang, PhD, and Thomas Stinchcombe, MD

Closing in on New Treatments for Prostate Cancer ​ (Duke University School of Medicine)
Features Jiaoti Huang, MD, PhD

DCI Blog

Blobe Elected as AAAS Fellow

Strong Start: Nussbaum Named to Select NCI Surgeon-Scientist Program Cohort

STUDY: Lasting Effects of the Covid-19 Pandemic on Cancer Care

Biomarkers Show Promise for Identifying Pancreatic Cancer Risk Early

Advanced Prostate Cancer Treatment Extends Lives

STUDY: Liquid Biopsy Could Guide Prostate Cancer Therapy, Complement PET Imaging 

WATCH: A PSA for Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month 

Five Faculty Assume New Leadership Roles at DCI

DCI Sarcoma Team​ Encourages Early Assessment of Masses, Lesions 


Burnout at work: How to spot it and take action (U.S. News & World Report)
Features Duke University School of Medicine

Best Nursing Schools for 2023: Top 5 schools most recommended by experts (Study Finds)

7 reasons you might quit your DEI leadership role this year (Senior Executive)
Features Ian Lee Brown, MA, MS

10 top-ranked medical schools for surgeons, per US News (Becker’s Hospital Review) Duke University (#3) Source report: U.S. News & World Report

MEDIA, cont.

JD Vance, Sherrod Brown demand EPA, CDC start health screenings in East Palestine after train derailment (Fox News *also carried by MSN News, Fox affiliates nationally)
Features Kyle Walsh, PhD

Hospital ‘Black Boxes’ Put Surgical Practices Under the Microscope (The Wall Street Journal)
Features Christopher Mantyh, MD; Rebecca McKenzie,

Leukaemia drug shows promise at treating breast cancer once it spreads (New Scientist)
Features Suzanne Wardell, PhD

Antimicrobial resistance could kill more people than cancer by 2050, experts say (The Straits Times)
Features Duke-NUS Medical School

The pay gap between hospital CEOs and nurses is expanding even faster than we thought (Vox)
Features Eugene Washington, MD

Art’s Power to Heal (Midtown Magazine)
Features Duke Raleigh Hospital’s Arts & Health program, Duke Raleigh Radiation Oncology Nurses

Raleigh entrepreneur raises awareness for young-onset colon cancer after diagnosis at 38 (WRAL NBC-5)
Features patient Brooks Bell

Grey’s Anatomy features Duke Health Surgery in mid-season premiere, WFMY (CBS-2 Greensboro)
Features Owen Monroe, Kix Soderblom, Joseph Turek

Moore Regional Hospital among state’s best (Southern Pines Pilot) Features Duke Hospitals

Colleges protesting ‘U.S. News’ rankings say they’re doing it for low-income students. Do they mean it? (The Chronicle of Higher Education) Features Duke University

20+ US hospitals among Newsweek’s top 100 global hospitals ) Becker’s Hospital Review (via Newsweek) *source Newsweek)
Features Duke University Hospital (#45)

Scientists reveal why American man with prostate cancer developed ‘uncontrollable Irish accent, (Independent (UK)) *also carried by Yahoo News UK, Canada
Features Duke University (study led by Andy Armstrong, MD, MSc)

After years of waiting, North Carolina’s hospitals celebrate Medicaid expansion deal (Raleigh News & Observer) *also carried by McClatchy outlets regionally,Yahoo News

Study finds racial disparities in ovarian cancer care (Get Me Giddy) Features Duke University School of Medicine


A New Approach to Identifying Patients Who May Benefit from PSMA-Targeted Therapy: On the horizon, A liquid biopsy of circulating tumor cells to help predict which men will benefit from PSMA-targeting treatment (Prostate Cancer Foundation News)
Features Andrew Armstrong, MD, MSc

WATCH: HER2-Positive Metastatic Colorectal Cancer Roundtable (The ASCO Post)
Features John Strickler, MD

Deborah Kaye, MD, on the Cost of First-Line Tx for Metastatic Castrate-resistant Prostate Cancer (Medpage Today)
Features Deborah Kaye, MD

Atorvastatin tied to cardioprotection for lymphoma patients on anthracyclines, (Medpage Today) *also carried by Medically Prime
Features Manesh Patel, MD

Kumar Receives ASCO Conquer Cancer Foundation GU Cancers Symposium Merit Award for his top-ranking abstract "Utilization of Local Treatment Modalities and Surveillance for Veterans with Early Stage Renal Carcinoma" (ASCO)
Shake Kumar, MD


New study highlights telehealth struggles in cancer care (Hospital and Healthcare (Au))
Features Mustafa Khasraw, MD

Brain tumour discovery paves way for new drug treatments (University of Nottingham)
Features David Needham, PhD

Brain tumor breakthrough: New cancer vulnerability discovered (SciTechDaily)
Features David Needham, PhD

New cancer vulnerability discovered by brain tumor breakthrough (List 23)
Features David Needham, PhD

National Academies calls for transforming use of racial and ethnic labels in genetics research (STAT)
Features Duke University

Vorasidenib delays disease progression or death in IDH+ low-grade glioma (Targeted Onc)
Features Katherine Peters, MD, PhD

New law the beginning of the end of animal research? (Medscape) Features Henry Friedman, MD

Grid Therapeutics Initiates a Phase 2 Investigator-Sponsored Trial of GT103 in Combination with Merck’s Pembrolizumab in Patients with Advanced Stage Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer (Business Wire/Grid Therapeutics Press Release)
Features Jeffrey Clarke, MD

Kurtzberg Named by BioPharma APAC as one of "12 Leading Women Who Transformed Cell & Gene Therapy" (BioPharma APAC)
Features Joanne Kurtzberg, MD

FDA advisory panel backs polatuzumab vedotin-piiq benefit-risk profile in first-line DLBCL (Healio)
Features Anthony Sung, MD

FDA panel endorses new first-line lymphoma regimen (Medpage Today) Features Anthony Sung, MD

The role of the PCF in supporting women in science (UroToday)
Features Susan Halabi, PhD

AI & ML need more emphasis in radiology residency programs? (Health Management)
Features Lars Grimm, MD

PCORI launches healthcare innovation collaborative with 42 health systems (Health Leaders)
Features Duke University Health System

New Phase 2 Trial in Advanced CRC: The DeFianCe Study  (Targeted Oncology)
Features John Strickler, MD

Anti-HER-2 agents gain ground in colorectal cancer (Targeted Oncology)
Features John Strickler, MD

Expert outlines KOMET-001 trial design assessing Ziftomenib in AML (Cancer Network)
Features Harry Erba, MD, PhD

Leading the National Academy of Medicine (Medpage Today)
Features Victor Dzau, MD

ODAC votes in favor of polatuzumab vedotin in patients with treatment-naïve LBCL (Oncology Nursing News)
Features Louis Diehl, MD

Radiotherapy can be safely omitted in older women with low-risk breast cancer (Cancerworld)
Features Alice Ho, MD

Explain it to me: The science behind how smoking can cause lung cancer
Features James Davis, MD


Current drug development and trial designs in neuro-oncology: report from the first American Society of Clinical Oncology and Society for Neuro-Oncology Clinical Trials Conference The Lancet April 2023 Rifaquat Rahman, MD; Mei-Yin C Polley, PhD; Laura Alder, MD; Priscilla K Brastianos, MD; Carey K Anders, MD; Hussein A Tawbi, MD PhD; Minesh Mehta, MD; Patrick Y Wen, MD; Susan Geyer, PhD; John de Groot, MD; Gelareh Zadeh, MD PhD; Steven Piantadosi, MD PhD; Evanthia Galanis, MD; Mustafa Khasraw, MD.

Executioner caspases restrict mitochondrial RNA-driven Type I IFN induction during chemotherapy-induced apoptosis Nature Communications March 14, 2023 Shane T. Killarney, Rachel Washart, Ryan S. Soderquist, Jacob P. Hoj, Jamie Lebhar, Kevin H. Lin & Kris C. Wood 

PSMA-positive circulating tumor cell detection and outcomes with abiraterone or enzalutamide treatment in men with metastatic castrate resistant prostate cancer Clinical Cancer Research March 10, 2023 Santosh Gupta; Susan Halabi; Qian Yang; Akash Roy; Alisa Tubbs; Yamini Gore; Daniel J. George; David M. Nanus; Emmanuel S. Antonarakis; Daniel C. Danila; Russell Z. Szmulewitz; Richard Wenstrup; Andrew J. Armstrong

The ELF3 transcription factor is associated with an epithelial phenotype and represses epithelial-mesenchymal transition Journal of Biological Engineering March 2, 2023 Ayalur Raghu Subbalakshmi; Sarthak Sahoo; Prakruthi Manjunatha; Shaurya Goyal; Vignesh A Kasiviswanathan; Yeshwanth Mahesh; Soundharya Ramu; Isabelle McMullen; Jason A. Somarelli & Mohit Kumar Jolly

ATM Regulation of the Cohesin Complex Is Required for Repression of DNA Replication and Transcription in the Vicinity of DNA Double-Strand Breaks Molecular Cancer Research March 1, 2023 Thomas E. Bass; Donald E. Fleenor; Paige E. Burrell; Michael B. Kastan

Lobar or Sublobar Resection for Peripheral Stage IA Non–Small-Cell Lung Cancer New England Journal of Medicine Feb. 9, 2023 Nasser Altorki, M.D., Xiaofei Wang, Ph.D, David Kozono, M.D., Ph.D., Colleen Watt, B.S., Rodney Landrenau, M.D., Dennis Wigle, M.D., Ph.D., Jeffrey Port, M.D., David R. Jones, M.D., Massimo Conti, M.D., Ahmad S. Ashrafi, M.D., Moishe Liberman, M.D., Ph.D., Kazuhiro Yasufuku, M.D., Ph.D., Stephen Yang, M.D., John D. Mitchell, M.D., Harvey Pass, M.D., Robert Keenan, M.D., Thomas Bauer, M.D., Daniel Miller, M.D., Leslie J. Kohman, M.D., Thomas E. Stinchcombe, M.D., and Everett Vokes, M.D.

End-of-Life Care for Patients With Metastatic Renal Cell Carcinoma in the Era of Oral Anticancer Therapy JCO Oncology Practice Jan. 11, 2023 Hannah E. Dzimitrowicz, MD; Lauren E. Wilson, PhD; Bradford E. Jackson , PhD; Lisa P. Spees , PhD; Christopher D. Baggett , PhD; Melissa A. Greiner, MS; Deborah R. Kaye, MD, MS; Tian Zhang, MD, MHS; Daniel George, MD; Charles D. Scales Jr, MD, MSHS; Jessica E. Pritchard, PhD; Michael S. Leapman, MD; Cary P. Gross, MD; Michaela A. Dinan, PhD; and Stephanie B. Wheeler, PhD, MPH.

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