October Newsmakers

WRAL anchor/reporter WRAL Mikaya Thurmond interviews Rachel Greenup, MD, about incidents of breast cancer in younger women.WRAL anchor/reporter WRAL Mikaya Thurmond interviews Rachel Greenup, MD, about incidents of breast cancer in younger women.Raleigh woman uses her breast cancer diagnosis to save lives (WRAL)
Features Rachel Greenup, MD

‘Top Chef’ Star Fatima Ali’s Terminal Cancer, Ewing’s Sarcoma, Explained by an Oncologist (US Weekly)
Features Will Eward, MD, DVM

Rising Drug Prices Widen Gap Between Have, Have-Not Patients (U.S. News/AP)
Features Yousuf Zafar, MD, MHS

Who Determines What 'Value' Looks Like in Value-Based Cancer Care? (Cancer Therapy Advisor)
Features Yousuf Zafar, MD, MHS

Why Are Black Women Less Likely To Stick With A Breast Cancer Follow-Up Treatment? (National Public Radio)
Features Niasha Fray, MA, MSPH

A potential solution for eliminating hypoxia as a cause for radioresistance (Commentary for Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences)
Features Mark Dewhirst, DVM, PhD

Current Options for Frontline Treatment of CLL (Targeted Oncology)
Features Danielle Brander, MD

Most breast cancer patients want early cost estimates (UPI)
Features Rachel Greenup, MD

Hyperthermia: Why Heat Can Make Cancer Treatments More Potent (Cleveland Clinic)
Features Duke Researchers

Patients Want Breast Cancer Costs Upfront (WebMD)
Features Rachel Greenup, MD

Affluent, Insured, and Worried About Cancer Costs (Medscape)
Features Rachel Greenup, MD

Changing the Culture of Acceptability of Financial Sacrifice in Cancer (Journal of Clinical Pathways)
Features Fumiko Chino, MD

Cancer patients have lower risk of opioid-related death than general public (Cancer Letter)
Features DCI Researchers

Paying for Cancer Care at All Costs (Cure)
Features Fumiko Chino, MD

Opioid Overdose Statistics Among Cancer Population Is Different From General Population (Oncology Nurse Advisor)
Features Fumiko Chino, MD, Juno Chino, MD, and Arif Kamal, MD

Top Doctors and Researchers Headline Paws for a Cure Research Symposium to Seek Cures for Cancers Shared by Dogs and Kids (Oncology Nursing News)
Features Michael Kastan, MD, PhD

The V Foundation Announces Canine Comparative Oncology Grant Program (Oncology Nursing News)
Features Michael Kastan, MD, PhD

CRISPR-Cas9 Could Inhibit Anal Cancer Tumor Growth In vivo (Synthego)
Features David Hsu, MD, PhD; Anand VR Kornepati; Wayne Glover; Edward M. Kennedy, PhD; and Bryan Cullen, PhD  

DNA damage and mutations across the genome (Environmental Factor/NIEHS/NIH)
Features Ed Levin, PhD, and Natalie Saini, PhD

WATCH: What is the best front line treatment for metastatic clear cell RCC in 2018? (KidneyCancer.org)
Features Michael Harrison, MD

WATCH: EXTEND, Phase 2 Trial Evaluating the Safety and Efficacy of Exercise Training in Men with Hormone Naïve Prostate Cancer (UroToday)
Features Michael Harrison, MD

Development and Validation of a Prognostic Model for Overall Survival in Chemotherapy-Naïve Men with Metastatic Castration-Resistant Prostate Cancer (UroToday)
Features Andrew Armstrong, MD

mCRPC agent’s efficacy differs depending on race (Urology Times)
Features Daniel George, MD

LDR Brachytherapy for PCa Yields Excellent Outcomes (Prostate Cancer Advisor)
Features Judd Moul, MD

Bright lights, big CITI (Eureka Alert Press Release)
Features Anne-Marie Chacko, PhD, Duke NUS

Managing Pneumonitis in NSCLC (OncLive)
Features Thomas E. Stinchcombe, MD

WATCH: Dr. Riedel on Targeted Therapy for Uterine Sarcomas (OncLive)
Features Richard Riedel, MD

From death penalty scholar to cellist, meet Duke's newest faculty members (The Chronicle)
Features Marc Ryser, PhD

What do stomach, colorectal cancer have in common? A bacteria associated with racial disparity in risk (The Chronicle)
Features Meira Epplein, PhD

Duke researchers earn $2 million National Science Foundation grant for cancer research using CRISPR (The Chronicle)
Features Charles Gersbach, PhD

Duke University Hospital tops physicians’ choice for neurological conditions (Duke School of Medicine, Dept. of Neurology)


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