WATCH: Strickler and Vibert on Biomarker Testing in CRC

Tom Vibert at V Ride


Strickler and Vibert
While being filmed in January 2019, Tom Vibert (right) walks the halls of Duke Cancer Center with his oncologist John Strickler, MD. The pair was featured in an educational video produced by the Global Colon Cancer Association and unveiled at the GCCA's 2020 congress.

The Global Colon Cancer Association (GCCA) unveiled a new video (above) featuring Duke Cancer Institute medical oncologist John Strickler, MD, and his patient Tom Vibert, at it's annual congress, held April 16 and 17.

Vibert,a stage 4 colon cancer survivor, shared his inspiring story about how biomarker testing helped him defeat cancer.

A spokesperson for the GCCA's "Know Your Biomarker" campaign, Vibert also participated in the annual congress itself — on a panel on biomarkers and colorectal cancer. (Watch for Vibert in the below video at about 00:19)

The other panelists included Andrew Spiegel, executive director of the Global Colon Cancer Association, Aurora Seminara, director, Biomarkers and Diagnostics Worldwide Medical Oncology at Bristol Myers Squibb, and Nicole Sheahan of the Global Colon Cancer Association.