2022 Duke Research Week Inc. DCI Scientists (1.31.22 to 2.4.22)

Duke Research Week DCI Collage

Duke University School of Medicine has partnered with the Duke Office for Research & Innovation to host Duke University Research Week 2022. Virtual events begin on Monday, January 31, 2022, and run through Friday, Feb. 4, 2022.

Tune in and watch scientists and researchers with ties to DCI and oncology participate in discussions on timely topics, including neuroscience, molecular genetics, translational work, women's reproductive health, health equity and disparities, immunology, vaccine development, the business of research and more. (Note: DCI members, including trainees, as well as other oncology-affiliated faculty are bolded and hyperlinked below)

Monday, Jan.  31

9 a.m. Advancing Neuroscience – Brain Science

Moderator: Alison Adcock, MD, PhD

• Kafui Dzirasa, MD, PhD
• Greg Field, PhD
• Cameron McIntyre, PhD
Heather Whitson, MD

11:30 a.m. Robert J. Lefkowitz Distinguished Lecture – molecular geneticist Huda Zoghbi, MD

Introduced by Dean Mary E. Klotman, MD and Robert J. Lefkowitz, MD

2 p.m. Research Town Hall – Academic Research and Social Responsibility

Moderator: Geeta Swamy, MD


• Donna Biederman, DrPH, MN, RN, CPH, FAAN
• William A. Darity Jr., PhD
• Christina M. Gibson-Davis, PhD
• Thavolia Glymph, PhD
• Sabrena Mervin-Blake
• Grant Murray, PhD
• Susanna Naggie, MD

Tuesday, Feb. 1

10 a.m. Different Roads to Translation

Moderator: Robin L. Rasor, MD

• Matthew L. Becker, PhD
Arif H. Kamal, MD
• Howard Levinson, MD
Stefan Roberts, PhD

11 a.m. Social Policy Implications of COVID-19

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has not only changed national and international policy approaches to overcoming public health emergencies, but also the landscape of social policy research and engagement efforts at academic institutions. This has included a wide array of Duke faculty, researchers, and students who have been directly involved in both policy development and implementation at the local, national, and international levels, as well as new research opportunities that have arisen because of the virus. In this fireside chat and panel discussion, Duke faculty will share their research and engagement experiences during COVID-19 and their outlook for social policy research and priorities in a post-COVID-19 era.
Moderator: Mark McClellan, MD, PhD  

• Charlene Wong, MD
• Krishna Udayakumar, MD
• Jennifer Lansford, PhD
• Anna Gassman-Pines, PhD

1 p.m. Climate Change Science

3 p.m. Climate Change Solutions

Wednesday, Feb. 2

9 a.m. Computation Across the Disciplines

Moderator: Jun Yang, PhD
• Charlotte S. Sussman, PhD
• Michael Kendrick Reiter, PhD
• Christopher R. Monroe, PhD

11:30 a.m. 2022 Daubechies Lecture with Bonnie L. Bassler, PhD: "Quorum Sensing Across Domains—From Viruses To Bacteria To Eukaryotes"

Moderators: Valerie S. Ashby, PhD & Sally Kornbluth, PhD  

2 p.m. Women’s Reproductive Health – Challenges and Opportunities

Moderator: Susan Murphy, PhD

Tomi Akinyemiju, PhD
Carolyn Coyne, PhD
• Brenna Hughes, MD, MSc
• Jonathan Posner, MD

Nimmi Ramanujam, PhD

4 p.m. Advancing Research in Health Equity and Health Disparities

Moderator: Ebony Boulware, MD

• Michael Cohen-Wolkowiez, MD
• Giselle Corbie-Smith, MD, MSc

Nadine Barrett, PhD
• Tyson Brown, PhD
• Schenita Davis Randolph, PhD
• Dane Whicker, PhD

Thurs., Feb. 3

10 a.m.  Race, Gender, Power: New Perspectives from the Humanities

Access list of panelists

11 a.m. Immunology and Vaccine Development

Moderator: Colin Duckett, PhD

David Montefiori, PhD
• Kevin Saunders, PhD

Georgia Tomaras, PhD
Wilton Williams, PhD

2 p.m. Materials for a Changing World

Access list of panelists

5:30 p.m. Clinical Fellow and Resident Flash Talks with Live Chat

Moderator: Rasheed Gbadegesin, MD

Sonali Bracken, MD, PhD
Collin Kent, MD
• Brian Shaw, MD
• Aaron Vose, MD
• Anna Williams, MD

Derek Zachman, MD, PhD

Friday, February 4

9 a.m. Enhancing the Research Enterprise at Duke (Duke Science & Technology)

Moderator: Sally Kornbluth, PhD

Josh Huang, PhD
• Chantell Evans, PhD
• Sharon Gerecht, PhD

Eric Laber, PhD

11 a.m. AiiCE: A Large-Scale Effort to Cultivate Inclusive Excellence in Computing

Access list of panelists

1 p.m. Narrative, Object, Nature, Empire: The Humanities Interpret the Grand Challenges of Society

Access list of panelists

2 p.m. Postdoc and PhD Student Flash Talks with Live Chat

Moderated by Beth Sullivan, PhD

• Sasha Burwell
• Dylan Eiger
• Carissa Harvest
• Miranda Scalabrino, PhD
• Erica Washington, PhD
• Siyun Yang