Duke Hosts Genomic Frontiers Conference (1.9.21)


"Genomic technologies are transforming our approach to biology and medicine. This virtual conference brings together scientists, practitioners, regulators and students to learn, discuss and shape the future of genomics." — Sandeep Dave, MD, MS

A Genomic Frontiers Conference, organized by and hosted at Duke, will be held on January 9.  

The virtual conference provides an in-depth view of the current state of genomics and precision medicine from some of leading practitioners in the field. A training track of sessions that cover the basics of NGS and genomic analyses will also be featured.

Director of the Genomic Frontiers Conference, Sandeep Dave, MD, MS, with the Division of Hematologic Malignancies & Cellular Therapy as well as the Duke Center for Genomic and Computational Biology, said the conference will have "a fairly heavy focus on hematologic malignancies (nearly half the speakers) and provides an in-depth view of the current state of genomics and precision medicine including currently approved therapies." There will also be a training track of sessions that covers the basics of genomics and analysis.

"The conference was made possible by the hard work of a number of people," said Dave. "At Duke, Eileen Smith is leading the effort along with Christine Goss and Caroline Roth. We thank our sponsors for allowing us to attract the best minds from the world over and covering the costs of attendance."

Conference Agenda at a Glance

*Events begin at 11 am in EVERY time zone

Keynote Session

  • Phil Febbo, Chief Medical Officer, Illumina: Our genomic future(s)
  • Sara Tishkoff, Director of the Center for Global Genomics and Equity at University of Pennsylvania: Genomic insights from studying diverse populations in Africa
  • Ian Cree, Head, Tumor Classifications Group, World Health Organization: The application of genomics to classify cancers

Genomic & Precision Medicine

  • Gary Middleton, Professor at University of Birmingham, UK: Lessons from the largest precision medicine trials ever conducted in cancer
  • Anita Gandhi, Executive Director of Translational Medicine, Bristol-Myers Squibb: Application of genomic medicine in the development of immunomodulatory agents
  • Michelle Green, Program Leader of Molecular Tumor Board at Duke Cancer Institute: A comprehensive review of the current precision medicine landscape in cancers

Genomic Pathology & Diagnostics

  • Kojo Elenitoba-Johnson, Director of Precision Medicine Program at University of Pennsylvania: Genomic testing in the age of COVID-19
  • Amy Zitiello, Vice President and Medical Director, Avalon Healthcare: Genomic testing from the health insurance payor’s perspective

Genomic Discovery & Global Health

  • Raj Ramesar, Director of Genetics Department at University of Cape Town: The genetics underlying cancers in Africa
  • Jason Cyster, Howard Hughes Investigator and Professor at UC San Francisco: Traversing genomic discovery to function–using the focal adhesion pathway as an example
  • Ari Melnick, Professor at Cornell University: The epigenetic journey of EZH2 from genomic oddity to new drug

Genomic Training

  • Genomics for Everyone:  A gentle introduction to the basic concepts of genomics and precision medicine
  • Sample to Sequencing: How to convert a human sample into genomic data
  • DNA sequencing to Mutation Detection: How to identify mutations from genomic data
  • DNA sequencing to detecting Structural DNA changes: How to detect copy number changes and translocations from genomic data
  • The Changing Genome: Introduction to CHIPseq, ATACseq, RNAseq, single-cell RNAseq
  • Manipulating the genome: Introduction to RNAi, genome-editing and CRISPR




Advance registration for the conference is free.
*The conference and all materials will be available for 2 weeks, even if you don't attend on that day, but registration is required.