Kamal, Abernethy Co-Author Cover Story for Oncology Issues

Amy Abernethy, MDAmy Abernethy, MDThe DCI's Arif Kamal, MD, and Amy Abernethy, MD, are among the authors of the cover story of the May-June issue of Oncology Issues. Their article details the quality data collection tool (QDACT) developed by a team of software developers, informatics specialists, graphic designers, business specialists and academic researchers.

QDACT, for which Kamal was awarded a $180,000 Sojourns Scholar Leadership Program grant, as well as a 2014 ACCC Innovator Award, provides an online electronic platform to track quality of health care and outcomes for patients with serious cancers. The article also discusses the development of a new approach called rapid learning quality improvement (RLQI), and the development of partnerships between Duke and other palliative care organizations within North Carolina. Read the full story here.