March Newsmakers

Shortage of palliative care in USA could amplify suffering for coronavirus patients (USA Today)
Features Arif Kamal, MD

What Does Our Body Temperature Say About Our Health? (The New York Times)
Features Mark Dewhirst, DVM, PhD

Palliative Care in the Time of Covid (The Ink Vessel)
Features Nathan Gray, MD

WATCH: Best Life: Predicting prostate cancer (WMC5-TV)
Features Daniel George, MD

WATCH: UNC, Duke join forces to help fight childhood brain cancer (WTVD)
Features Scott Floyd, MD, PhD

The financial toxicity of cancer care TheoryLab (American Cancer Society)
Features Yousuf Zafar, MD

WATCH: 3 brain tumor survivors treated at Duke to run All American Marathon together (WTVD)
Features Preston Robert Tisch Brain Tumor Center patients

Remarkable Women Finalist | Duke cancer researcher uses her mother’s battle as inspiration (WNCN)
Features Eda Holl, PhD

Komen's Kohl tries tumor-freezing therapy in ongoing cancer fight (WRAL)
Features Alan Sag, MD, and Jeremy Force, DO

Duke To Banish Smoking And Vaping On Campus (WUNC)
Features James Davis, MD

LISTEN: Support Services for Caregivers (
Features Mallori Thompson, LPC, MA, NCC

Building Onco-Primary Care to Close the ‘Black Hole’ in Cancer Survivorship Care (The ASCO Post)
by Kevin Oeffinger, MD

Researchers in Singapore find common therapeutic vulnerability for a genetically diverse and deadly leukemia (AAAS)
Features Duke NUS researchers

Study Shows African American Men with Advanced Prostate Cancer Treated with PROVENGE® (sipuleucel-T) Live Longer than Caucasian Men (Dendreon Pharmaceuticals press release)
Features Andrew Armstrong, MD

End-of-Life Care for Patients with Blood Cancers Proves Complicated (Oncology Times)
Features Thomas LeBlanc, MD

Phase II Trial of Enzalutamide and Androgen Deprivation Therapy with Salvage Radiation in Men with High-Risk Prostate-specific Antigen Recurrent Prostate Cancer: The STREAM Trial - Beyond the Abstract (Uro Today)
Features Andrew Armstrong, MD, and Rhonda L. Bitting, MD

Ipilimumab Plus Nivolumab Effective for mRCC With Brain Metastases (Renal & Urology News)
Landon Carter Brown, MD

WATCH: Dr. Armstrong on the Utility of Liquid Biopsies in mCRPC (OncLive)
Features Andrew Armstrong, MD

WATCH: Dr. Armstrong on the Utility of AR-V7 as a Biomarker in Prostate Cancer (OncLive)
Features Andrew Armstrong, MD

WATCH: Adult ITP: Promising Therapeutic Agents in Development (OncLive)
Features Ivy Altomare, MD

WATCH: Dr. Secord on Financial Toxicity Associated With PARP Inhibition (OncLive)
Features Angeles Secord, MD

Dr. Secord on Frontline Maintenance Therapy in Ovarian Cancer (OncLive)
Features Angeles Secord, MD

Pasireotide Does Not Decrease Risk of GI Toxicity or Acute GVHD Following HSCT (OncLive)
Features Anthony Sung, MD

NIH awards $1.4M for radiology, oncology resident research initiative (Health Imaging)
Features Joseph Lo, PhD

When a Patient’s Treatment Decision Clashes With the Standard of Care (Clinical Oncology)
Features Rachel Greenup, MD

FDA approves Tazverik for advanced epithelioid sarcoma (Heme Onc Today)
Features Richard Riedel, MD

Combo Impresses in Advanced Bladder Cancer — Objective responses in 73%, tumor shrinkage in 93% with enfortumab-pembrolizumab (Medpage Today)
Features Brant Inman, MD

WATCH: Full Show: Preventing Infections and Vaccination Recommendations After Myeloma Transplant with Jennifer Saullo, MD, PharmD, Duke University (MyelomaCrowd/Crowdcare Foundation)

Cancer Care “Without Walls”: Disruptive Innovation to Transform Care Delivery (Journal of Clinical Pathways)
Features Susan Dentzer (Duke-Margolis Center)

The Art of Asking for a Favor (Duke Today)
Features Erin Tait, DCI Development

Gyn Onc Brittany Davidson, MD, Accepted as LEAD Fellow (Duke OBGyn)

DCRI Faculty Speak About Clinical Research During COVID-19 (Duke Clinical Research Institute)


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