Marks Named Distinguished Professor of Experimental Surgery

Jeffrey Marks

Duke Cancer Institute member Jeffrey Marks, PhD, a professor in the Department of Surgery and the Department of Pathology, has been named the Joseph W. and Dorothy W. Beard Distinguished Professor of Experimental Surgery.

Marks is a world-renowned breast cancer and ovarian cancer researcher and an international thought leader in his field. His research interests are in the molecular etiology of breast and ovarian cancers and understanding how key genetic events contribute to their onset and progression.

Marks’ work is multi-disciplinary and incorporates quantitative, population, genetic, and behavioral approaches.

He also established the concept of the Manuscript Masters program, which is based on the recognition that an academic scientist’s body of work is multi-faceted, including grant applications, publication of papers, and training of students and fellows. 

This article was excerpted from an article on the Duke University School of Medicine website

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