May Newsmakers


'G'Owen Strong' for Brain Tumor Research (Giving to Duke Health)
Features Henry Friedman, MD

DCRI faculty member develops H. pylori Quality Measure to Reduce Rates of Failed Eradication (DCRI)


This former basketball star has a terminal diagnosis, but is living out his final dream — playing Pinehurst (and others) (Golf Week/USA Today)
(related) Milos Bogetic is Dying (Group Golf Therapy podcast)
Features Duke Cancer Institute and DCI patient Milos Bogetic

Klotman is under consideration as the next NIH head (Washington Post), (Raleigh News & Observer) (Durham Herald-Sun) (Yahoo News) (Houston Chronicle)(San Francisco Chronicle)

Komen Race for the Cure Run raises money for breast cancer research (WNCN CBS-17)
Features Duke Cancer Institute

Thousands gather in RTP for Race for a Cure (WRAL NBC-5)
Features Duke Cancer Institute

Angels Among Us Race fundraiser resumes (WTVD ABC-11)
Features BTC patient/20 year survivor Jiggy Kilpatrick

Duke doctor talks breast cancer screening during national women’s health week (WNCN CBS-17)
Features Karen Johnson, MD

Radiation exposure drug maker says it is ramping up supply in Europe (CNN)
Features Nelson Jen An Chao, MD
*also carried by at least 7 additional outlets including in Charlotte & Milwaukee

Wait, what? Spirituality can improve quality of life in cancer, heart patients: says study (The Free Press Journal)
Features Rachel S. Tobin
*also carried by 20 additional outlets

‘They make you addicted faster’: Menthol cigarette ban proposal could further lower smoking rates (WTVD ABC-11) *also carried by 17 additional outlets including in New York, Los Angeles & Chicago
Features Sven-Eric Jordt, PhD

U.S. News Ranks 2023 Best Graduate Schools (U.S. News & World Report)
Features Duke University School of Medicine, Duke University School of Nursing
*also carried by MSN News

UNC and Duke graduate programs earn top rankings in 2023 US News & World Report (Raleigh News & Observer)
Features Duke University School of Medicine, Duke University School of Nursing *also carried by 6 additional outlets including in Charlotte & Myrtle Beach

UNC, Duke, NC State earn high marks in graduate school rankings (Triangle Business Journal)
Features Duke University School of Medicine, Duke University School of Nursing

$1 billion project ‘The Exchange Raleigh’ going vertical soon (WNCN CBS-17)
Features Duke Raleigh Hospital

2022 Health Care Leadership Awards: Neeraj Agrawal – Duke Raleigh Hospital (Triangle Business Journal)
Features Neeraj Agrawal, MD

Most NC hospitals earned As for patient safety. One got an F. What grade did yours get? (WNCN CBS-17)

Features Duke Hospitals

Led by Triangle, NC earns top spot in hospital safety rankings (Triangle Business Journal)
Features Duke Hospitals

North Carolina ranks No. 1 in US for hospital safety (WRAL NBC-5)
Features Duke Hospitals

America’s Best Large Employers List: The top 100 for 2022 (Forbes Online)
Features Duke University (61), Duke University Health System (74)

Trades & Government Publications

150 top places to work in healthcare 2022 (Becker’s Hospital Review)
Features Duke University Health System

Cancer Cell Repair: Blocking the mechanism is the new therapeutic target (Pledge Times)
Features Kris Wood, PhD

Only 43% of clinical trials report race and ethnicity – what can be done? (Medical News Today)
Features Nadine Barrett, PhD

Cancer cells break own DNA to defend against radiation (The Scientist)
Features Chuan-Yuan Li, DSc

Research lab shifts focus, moves to new lab space during pandemic (Lab Manager) Features Features Tony Moody, Thad Gurley

FDA votes to extend review process for PI3K inhibitors (Pharma Manufacturing) Features Anthony Sung, PhD

Conversations with Maya: Paul Modrich (Science News)

Biomarker Testing Is A Critical Component in Treatment of Gynecologic Cancers (OncLive)
Features Rebecca Previs, MD

Between the Lines Podcast: Updates in Use of Proteasome Inhibitors for Relapsed/Refractory Multiple Myeloma
Features Cristina Gasparetto, MD

APCCC 2022: The Uptake of New Treatment Options for mHSPC in Real Life -- Education, Access, Use, and Diversity (Uro Today)
Features Andrew Armstrong, MD, MSc

Updated results of the ARCHES trial in mHSPC (OncLive)
Features Andrew Armstrong, MD, MSc

Armstrong highlights outcomes of final survival analysis of enzalutamide plus ADT in mHSPC (OncLive)
Features Andrew Armstrong, MD, MSc

Disparities in Prostate Cancer Care (Expert Perspectives in Medicine/2022 Genitourinary Cancers Symposium)
Features Judd Moul, MD

Early Career Investigators Are Developing Strategies to Improve Outcomes in Head and Neck Cancers (CDMRP-U.S. Dept. of Defense)
Features spotlight on Kyle Lafata, PhD, "Multiscale Characterization of Radiation Resistance in Head and Neck Squamous Cell Carcinoma"

Cardiovascular care of pediatric cancer survivors: Mitigating a lifelong risk (Healio)
Features Kevin Oeffinger, MD

A new path emerges in lung cancer treatment (Cure Today)
Features Jeffrey Clarke, MD

Molecularly targeted therapy may improve survival in advanced, recurrent endometrial cancer (Cancer Therapy Advisor)
Features Angeles Alvarez Secord, MD, MHSc

An Overview on Graft-Versus-Host Disease and Prophylaxis (Targeted Oncology)
Features Nelson Chao, MD

This fungus has more than 17,000 sexes (The Scientist)
Features Joseph Heitman, PhD

Leading Gastrointestinal Cancer Experts Discuss Targeted Therapies and Landscape of Treatment (Cancer Network)
Features John Strickler, MD

Single-Cell Sequencing Pinpoints Genetic Mechanisms Underlying Brain Lesions,
(Technology Networks)
Features Douglas Marchuk, PhD

Disrupting Repair Mechanism Prevents Cancer Cells From Regenerating (Technology Works)
Features Kris Wood, PhD

APCCC 2022: The Uptake of New Treatment Options for mHSPC in Real Life -- Education, Access, Use, and Diversity (Uro Today)
Features Andrew Armstrong, MD, MSc

Updated results of the ARCHES trial in mHSPC (OncLive)
Features Andrew Armstrong, MD, MSc

Armstrong highlights outcomes of final survival analysis of enzalutamide plus ADT in mHSPC (OncLive)
Features Andrew Armstrong, MD, MSc


Increased CaMKK2 expression is an adaptive response that maintains the fitness of tumor-infiltrating natural killer cells bioRxiv May 19, 2022 Patrick K. Juras, Luigi Racioppi, Debarati Mukherjee, Sandeep Artham, Xia Gao, Laura Akullian D’Agostino, Ching-Yi Chang, Donald P. McDonnell

Letter to the Editor re Resistance Training Exercise for Men with Prostate Cancer "In Regard to Schumacher et al" International Journal of Radiation Oncology*Biology*Physics May 1, 2022 David J.Carpenter, MD; Alexander K. Diaz, MD, PhD; Sushil Beriwal, MD; Parker N.Hyde, PhD, CSCS; Colin E.Champ, MD, CSCS

A SPECIAL MEETING REVIEW EDITION Highlights in Advanced Prostate Cancer From the 2022 American Society of Clinical Oncology Genitourinary Cancers Symposium: A Review of Selected Presentations April 2022 Volume 20, Issue 4, Supplement 8 Clinical Advances in Hematology & Oncology This includes expert commentary by Andrew Armstrong, MD, MSc

Epigenetic STING silencing is developmentally conserved in gliomas and can be rescued by methyltransferase inhibition Cancer Cell April 28, 2022 Justin T. Low; Vidyalakshmi Chandramohan; Michelle L.Bowie; Michael C.Brown; Matthew S. Waitkus; Aaron Briley; Kevin Stevenson; Rebecca Fuller; Zachary J. Reitman; Andrea M. Muscat; Seethalakshmi Hariharan; Janell Hostettler; Sarah Danehower; Ali Baker; Mustafa Khasraw; Nicholas C.Wong; Simon Gregory; Smita K.Nair; Amy Heimberger; Matthias Gromeier; Darell D.Bigner; David M. Ashley

Improved Survival With Enzalutamide in Patients With Metastatic Hormone-Sensitive Prostate Cancer Journal of Clinical Oncology April 14, 2022 Andrew J. Armstrong, MD, MSc; et al
Related Op-Ed

Resolution of radiation necrosis with bevacizumab following radiation therapy for primary CNS lymphoma Oncotarget March 29, 2022 Eugene J Vaios, Kristen A Batich, Anne F Buckley, Anastasie Dunn-Pirio, Mallika P Patel, John P Kirkpatrick, Ranjit Goudar, Katherine B Peters

Accurate Three-Dimensional Thermal Dosimetry and Assessment of Physiologic Response Are Essential for Optimizing Thermoradiotherapy March 27, 2022 Mark W Dewhirst, James R Oleson, John Kirkpatrick, Timothy W Secomb

Purposeful irradiation of the epidural space to enhance local control without compromising cord sparing in spine radiosurgery J Radiosurg SBRT 2022 P James Jensen, Jordan A Torok, C Rory Goodwin, Scott R Floyd, Qiuwen Wu, Q Jackie Wu, John P Kirkpatrick

Time to Steroid Independence After Laser Interstitial Thermal Therapy vs Medical Management for Treatment of Biopsy-Proven Radiation Necrosis Secondary to Stereotactic Radiosurgery for Brain Metastasis Neurosurgery Mar 23, 2022. Eric W Sankey, Matthew M Grabowski, Ethan S Srinivasan, Andrew S Griffin, Elizabeth P Howell, Balint Otvos, Vadim Tsvankin, Gene H Barnett, Alireza M Mohammadi, Peter E Fecci.

The Graded Prognostic Assessment (GPA) for Lung Cancer Patients with Brain Metastases: Initial Report of the Small Cell Lung Cancer GPA and Update of the Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer GPA including the Effect of Programmed Death Ligand-1 (PD-L1) and Other Prognostic Factors. Int J Radiat Oncol Biol Phys Mar 21, 2022. Paul W Sperduto, Brian De, Jing Li, David Carpenter, John Kirkpatrick, et al

Distress screening in endometrial cancer leads to disparity in referral to support services March 2022 Hadley W.Reid; Gloria Broadwater; Mary Katherine Montes de Oca; Bharathi Selvand; Oluwadamilola Fayanju; Laura J.Havrilesky; Brittany A.Davidson.

Augmented reality overlay fluoroscopic guidance versus CT-fluoroscopic guidance for sacroplasty. (Clin Imaging). Feb 23, 2022. Alan A Sag, Adam Zuchowski, James Ronald, C Rory Goodwin, David S Enterline

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