November Newsmakers

More than $1 billion in unrestricted money goes to MIT, Duke, USC and Cleveland Clinic (The Washington Post)

WATCH Duke doctors on the cutting edge for lung cancer (WTVD Ch 11)
Features Jeffrey Crawford, MD

Lomustine’s path from unavailable but cheap to plentiful but expensive (The Cancer Letter)
Features Henry Friedman, MD

Duke University Hospital's associate chief pharmacy officer: I never imagined the cost of a single treatment could exceed $1M (Becker's Hospital Review)
Features Kuldip Patel, PharmD

Data Shows Toxic Heavy Metal Occurs Naturally, Can Affect Wells (WUNC)
Avner Vengosh, PhD

Duke professor: Private sector plays key role in developing breakthrough medicines (The Fayetteville Observer)
Features Henry Grabowski, PhD

The Immeasurable Benefits of Palliative Cancer Care (Managed Healthcare Executive)
Features Arif Kamal, MD, MBA, MHS, FASCO

Programs aim to address ‘pending and widening gap’ in palliative care workforce (Healio: HemOnc Today)
Features Arif Kamal, MD, MBA, MHS, FASCO

Quest for New Cancer Treatment Crosses Milestone (Duke Biomedical Engineering)
Features Jennifer West, PhD

WATCH: Early Salvage Radiotherapy for Early Prostate Cancer (OncLive)
Features Daniel George, MD

WATCH: ADT and Its Consequences in the Treatment of Prostate Cancer (OncLive)
Features Daniel George, MD

Rapid Growth of Targeted Therapies in AML Spurs Need for More Learning
Features Harry Erba, MD, PhD

WATCH: New Options in Adult AML (Medscape)
Harry Erba, MD, PhD; David Rizzieri, MD; and Thomas LeBlanc, MD

WATCH: Elevated AFP in Relapsed/Refractory Metastatic HCC (OncLive)
Michael A. Morse, MD, MHS, FACP

WATCH: I/O Combination Strategies in Hepatocellular Carcinoma (OncLive)
Michael A. Morse, MD, MHS, FACP

WATCH: Dr. Eward on FDA Approval of Pexidartinib in TGCT (OncLive)
William Eward, MD, DVM

What to Do With Good-Risk RCC Patients: Single-agent VEGF inhibition, immunotherapy-based combinations, or surveillance? (Medscape)
Michael Harrison, MD

UNC and Duke researchers start new tumor treatment research after winning funding (The Daily Tarheel)
Features Scott Floyd, MD, PhD

Massey researchers awarded more than $2M to study links between tobacco retailers and smoke exposure in pregnant women and children (VCU Massey Cancer Center)
Features Joseph McLernon, PhD (Duke researcher on the project)

A One-Dollar Bill Leads to Almost $20,000 for Pancreatic Cancer Research (Giving to Duke Health)
Features Peter J. Allen, MD, FACS

Global List of Highly Cited Puts Duke in Top Ten (Duke Today)
Features Charles A. Gersbach, PhD; Christopher B. Newgard, PhD; Darell D. Bigner; MD, PhD; Heather M. Stapleton, PhD; Jason W. Locasale, PhD; and more...

I.D. Verification, Now for Cancer (Duke Today)
Features John Reif, PhD

Years of work lead Duke researcher to clues behind treating breast cancer (The Chronicle)
Features Donald McDonnell, PhD

First Duke symposium for big data, precision health brings international researchers, new ideas (The Chronicle)

Duke researchers develop treatment that triples survival time of brain cancer patients (The Chronicle)
Kristen Batich, PhD

Meet Duke's newest faculty members (Duke Today)
Features Zhao Zhang, PhD (Assistant Professor of Pharmacology and Cancer Biology)

Ramanujam Wins 2020 SPIE Biophotonics Technology Innovator Award (Pratt School of Engineering)
Features Nimmi Ramanujam, PhD

Light-Trapping Nanocubes Drive Inexpensive Multispectral Camera (Pratt School of Engineering)
Maiken Mikkelsen, PhD

Translating Duke Health Initiative Celebrates Two Years of Success (Duke SoM)
Features Allan Kirk, MD

Duke Women's Basketball Hosts a Melanoma Awareness game on Dec. 8 (Duke Women's Basketball)
Features Georgia Beasley, MD 


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