November Newsmakers

Media & Trades

Weight-Loss Surgery May Reduce Risk of Liver Disease: Bariatric surgery could diminish risk of cirrhosis, liver cancer or death from liver disease, as well as heart attacks and strokes, study shows (The Wall Street Journal)
Features Manal F. Abdelmalek, MD

The definition of gene therapy has changed (Nature)
Features Charles Gersbach, PhD

We must improve equity in cancer screening (Scientific American)
Features Tomi Akinyemiju, PhD, MS

Komen awards $1.5 Million for metastatic breast cancer research (Philanthropy News Digest)
Features Duke Cancer Institute

Raleigh woman warns against delayed breast cancer screening after overcoming 3 life-threatening health scares (WRAL NBC-5)
Features Karen Johnson, MD

‘I’m just grateful’: Molly Oldham beats cancer twice, focuses on musical theater goals (Akron Journal)
Features Molly Oldham (patient)

Cancer health care workers in NC discuss the best way to achieve equity in care – and the answer could lie in Raleigh (NC Health News)
Features Angelo Moore, PhD, RN, and Yousuf Zafar, MD, MHS

Recommendation for closing the health equity gap in cancer care (NC Policy Watch)
Features Angelo Moore, PhD, RN

Changing Cancer Care, So Patients No Longer Feel Like a Number (Time Magazine)
Features Shelley Hwang, MD

Love Lost: The Effects of Cancer on Marriage and Relationships (Cure)
Features Cheyenne Corbett, PhD, LMFT

NIH taps Duke researcher for key role (WRAL NBC-5)
Geoffrey Ginsburg,  MD, PhD

Duke professor leaving to join NIH for 'once in a lifetime opportunity'
Features Geoffrey Ginsburg, MD, PhD

Patients with RCC, Melanoma Taking ICIs Can Safely Receive COVID-19 Vaccination (OncLive)
Features Hannah Dzimitrowicz, MD

Subsequent-line Treatment in Advanced RCC Leaves Room for Personalization (OncLive)
Features Daniel George, MD

One-Third of Caregivers of Children With Cancer Are Hesitant About COVID-19 Vaccine, (Pharmacy Times)
Kyle Walsh, PhD

The U.S. needs to engage communities around BIPOC data (STAT)
Features Warren Kibbe, PhD

Radiation therapy for oligometastatic renal cell carcinoma promising (Renal and Urology News)
Features Joseph Salama, MD

Evolving biomarkers in pancreatic cancer: Path to prediction (Targeted Oncology)
Features Andrew Barbas, MD

Cost may prevent patients from pursuing procedures after free lung cancer screenings (Oncology Nursing News)
Features Tina Tailor, MD

What People With Cancer Should Know About Immune Checkpoint Inhibitor Side Effects (ASCO Cancer.Net)
Features Tian Zhang, MD (no longer at Duke), and Afreen Shariff, MD, MBBS

Watch & Listen

Challenges of diagnosing and treating patients with desmoid tumors (OncLive)
Features Richard Riedel, MD

Identifying PIK3CA Mutations in HR+ HER2- MBC (OncLive ESMO wrap)
Sarah Sammons, MD

Frontline Treatment Approaches for HR+/HER2- MBC (OncLive ESMO wrap)
Sarah Sammons, MD

HR+ MBC: Prognostic Factors and Treatment Planning (OncLive ESMO wrap)
Sarah Sammons, MD

Frontline Treatment Approaches for HR+/HER2- MBC (OncLive ESMO wrap)
Sarah Sammons, MD

HR+/HER2- MBC: Updated OS Data From MONALEESA-2 (OncLive ESMO wrap)
Sarah Sammons, MD

HR+/HER2- MBC: CDK4/6 Inhibitors + ET as Frontline Therapy (OncLive ESMO wrap)
Sarah Sammons, MD

HR+/HER2- MBC: CKD4/6 Inhibitor Treatment Toxicities
(OncLive ESMO wrap)
Sarah Sammons, MD

WATCH: Design of the OReO trial in ovarian cancer (OncLive)
Angeles Alvarez Secord, MD, MHSc

WATCH Final Thoughts on New Developments and Emerging Agents (OncLive)
Features Harry P. Erba, MD, PhD

WATCH 5-Year Follow-up Data on CPX-351 for AML (OncLive)
Features Harry Erba, MD, PhD

WATCH: Evolving Treatment Approaches Pre- and Post-Transplant (OncLive)
Features Harry P. Erba, MD, PhD

Treatment Approaches for TP53-Mutated AML (OncLive)
Features Harry P. Erba, MD, PhD

WATCH: Dr. Ready on Selecting Between Frontline Atezolizumab and Durvalumab in ES-SCLC(OncLive)
Features Neal Ready, MD

Dr. Ready on the Role of Frontline Chemoimmunotherapy in Lung Cancer (OncLive)
Features Neal Ready, MD

ICYMI at Duke

New Breast Surgical Oncologists at Women’s Cancer Centers (Duke Health)
Features Maggie DiNome, MD, and Astrid Botty, MD

Dressman Leads Duke SGT Core (Duke CGAT blog)
Features Holly Dressman, PhD


Predictors of Chronic Opioid Use: A Population-Level Analysis of North Carolina Cancer Survivors Using Multi-Payer Claims JNCI November 2021 Devon K Check, PhD, Christopher D Baggett, PhD, KyungSu Kim, MS, Andrew W Roberts, PharmD, PhD, Megan C Roberts, PhD, Timothy Robinson, MD, PhD, Kevin C Oeffinger, MD, Michaela A Dinan, PhD.

For whom the T cells troll? Bispecific T-cell engagers in glioblastoma Nov. 18, 2021 Kirit Singh, Kelly M Hotchkiss, Aditya A Mohan, Jessica L Reedy, John H Sampson and Mustafa Khasraw.

Disease characteristics and mortality among Asian women with breast cancer Cancer Nov. 18, 2021 Alice Yunzi L. Yu, BSPH, Samantha M. Thomas MB, Gayle D. DiLalla, MD, Rachel A. Greenup, MD, MPH, E. Shelley Hwang MD, MPH, Terry Hyslop PhD, Carolyn S. Menendez, MD, Jennifer K. Plichta MD, MS, Lisa A. Tolnitch, MD, Oluwadamilola M. Fayanju MD, MA, MPHS.
*at time of submission, doctors Fayanju, Tolnitch, and Greenup were at Duke

Facilitating the Transition to Independent Radiation Oncology Practice Through a Resident-Led, Veterans Affairs Teaching Hospital Service Practical Radiation Oncology Nov. 1, 2021 Jeremy G. Price, MD, PhD, Michael J. Moravan, MD, PhD, Matthew J. Boyer, MD, PhD, Manisha Palta, MD, Sarah Jo Stephens, MD, Christine E. Eyler, MD, PhD, Joshua J. Siglin, MD, Abhishek A. Solanki, MD, MS, Pretesh R. Patel, MD,  W. Robert Lee, MD, MEd, MS, Joseph K. Salama, MD

ABL allosteric inhibitors synergize with statins to enhance apoptosis of metastatic lung cancer cells Cell Reports Oct. 26, 2021 Jillian Hattaway Luttman, Jacob P. Hoj, Kevin H. Lin, Jiaxing Lin, Jing Jin Gu, Clay Rouse, Amanda G. Nichols, Nancie J. MacIver, Kris C. Wood, Ann Marie Pendergast.

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