A Quiet Place to Reflect

Duke Chapel (photo courtesy of Duke University Communications)

Since it opened in 2012, the Duke Cancer Center Quiet Room has been a much-needed oasis for patients, their families, faculty, and staff.

Stephen Schramm surveyed this and other quiet campus spaces in an article for Working@Duke this past October 2022 entitled: "Find Your Campus Spot to Get Centered: Spots set aside for prayer and reflection dot Duke’s campus."

“It’s like an escape. If you’re feeling anxious, you can go there and come out and feeling refreshed. It’s just a little place you can go when you need a moment. DCI is built on providing comprehensive care, which goes beyond just the physical self. To be able to provide a space for reflection, respite and healing fits into what our mission is," says Kristy Everette Sartin, director of External Relations, Supportive Care & Survivorship at DCI.

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