REGISTER: PMWC Program on Clinical Impacts of COVID-19 (1.25 to 1.27.21)


The Precision Medicine World Conference will host a special PMWC 2021 COVID Program — designed to focus on the past and future clinical impacts of COVID-19 — from Jan 25 to 27.

Healthcare professionals are invited to learn more about the widespread effects of COVID-19 on precision medicine in this free-of-charge program to be held via Zoom. 


Fireside Chat with Dr. Fauci
Speakers: Anthony S Fauci (US National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease NIAID) and Lee Hood (Providence Health)

The Million Person Genome/Phenome Project and Disruptive Insights from a COVID 19 Clinical Trial
Keynote by Lee Hood (Providence Health)

How COVID-19 Changed Clinical Trial Dynamics and Environment  Session chair: Patrice Hugo (Q2 Solutions)

Speakers: Jia Xin Annie Yu (CRI) and Kristina McGuire (Regeneron Pharmaceuticals)

The Impact of COVID-19 on Cancer Care and Future Implications  Session chair: Helmy Eltoukhy (Guardant Health)
Speakers: Laura Esserman (UCSF), Laurie H. Glimcher (Dana Farber), Mark Fleury (ACS CAN) and Pelin Cinar (UCSF)

Clinical Trials in the Era of COVID-19: ASCO’s Task Force Recommendations
Session chair: Richard Schilsky (ASCO)

Panelist: Jane Perlmutter (Gemini Group), Fareed Melhem (Medidata Solutions), Nathan Pennell (Cleveland Clinic), and Marty Tenenbaum (Cancer Commons)

“Clinical trials of new cancer treatments were upended during the early months of the pandemic, causing widespread interruptions in trial enrollment, preventing some patients from receiving promising new treatments. People with cancer are especially vulnerable to coronavirus infection, so cancer research had to change virtually overnight to reduce the chances of patient exposure. Yet trials shutting down entirely or patients being forced off studies was averted in many cases because research sponsors and regulators acted quickly to create more flexible research practices. The emergency policies put in place during the pandemic exemplify changes that could make cancer clinical trials more efficient, flexible, and accessible to patients in the future. I look forward to examining this issue in greater detail with colleagues during the 2021 PMWC conference.” — Richard L. Schilsky, MD, FACP, FASCT, FASCO, CMO & Executive VP, American Society of Clinical Oncology

The Regulatory/FDA Perspective
Session chair: Sheila Walcoff (Goldburg Strategies LLC)

Panelist: Janet Woodcock (FDA) and Ruth March (AstraZeneca)

Building a Health Data Platform that Supports COVID-19 Health Care
Session chair: Joel Dudley (Tempus)

Panelist: Anne Wyllie (Yale), Carlos Bustamante (Stanford), James Heath (Institute for Systems Biology), and Christopher Mason (Weill Cornell Medicine)

Health Disparities in the COVID-19 Pandemic
Session chair: Kirsten Bibbins-Domingo (UCSF)

Panelist: Diane Havlir (UCSF), Susana Rojas (Calle 24 Latino Cultural District), and Kristen Azar (Sutter Health SHIQHES)

Forging New Connections for a Sustainable Testing Ecosystem - Session chair: Steve Kulisch (Fluidigm)
Panelist: Charles Chiu (UCSF), Sree Chaguturu (CVS), Mara Aspinall (ASU) and Eric Van Gioson (DARPA)

Tackling the Mental Health Crisis in the Wake of COVID-19 
Session chair: Amir Dan Rubin (One Medical)

Panelist: Elissa Epel (UCSF)