September Newsmakers

Cancer experts unveil wishlist for US government ‘moonshot’ (Nature)
Features Francis Ali-Osman, DSc

Gene test can reduce chemo use among breast-cancer patients, study says (Washington Post)
Features Paul Kelly Marcom, MD

Thyroid Tumor Stage and Lymph Node Count May Predict Occult Disease Risk (Reuters Health)
Features Julie Ann Sosa, MD and Terry Hyslop, PhD

Blood biomarkers in drug-resistant cancer tumor cells identified (Science Daily)
Features Andrew Armstrong, MD, and Simon Gregory, PhD

Cancer Patients With Afib Tolerate NOAC:Bleeding risk and mortality higher than general population but anticoagulation still works (Medpage Today)
Features Renato Lopes, MD, PhD

Breast Cancer: Ovarian Suppression Benefits High-Risk Premenopausal Patients, ASCO recommendations reflect recent findings (Medpage Today)
Features Kimberly Blackwell, MD

Scientists spot genes that make some sarcomas less aggressive (Medical Xpress)
Features Jason Somarelli, PhD

Is exercise the magic bullet for cancer? Studies link it to drop in patient deaths (South China Morning Post)
Features study by Duke Cancer Institute scientists

Lack of Awareness — Even Among Staff — Can Hinder Access to Palliative Care for Cancer (cure)
Features Arif Kamal, MD and Katheryn Hutchins

Barriers to Accessing Palliative Care Services at Major Cancer Centers (Oncology Times)
Features Arif Kamal, MD


Dormant breast cancer micrometastases reside in specific bone marrow niches that regulate their transit to and from bone (Science Translational Medicine)
Features Trevor T. Price, PhD; Matthew J. Warner, PhD; Renee Cheng; Clara H. Lee; Lindsey Olivere; Karrie Comatas; Herbert Kim Lyerly, PhD; Qing Cheng,PhD; Chad M. McCall, MD, PhD; Dorothy A. Pipkins, MD, PhD.