September Newsmakers

Could studying dogs crack the cure to cancer for humans? (WTVD)
Features Michael B. Kastan, MD, PhD

Duke is a leader in tackling cancer. A new $88 million facility would make it better (Durham Herald Sun)

Duke researchers say they have a breakthrough in treating brain cancer (The News & Observer)
Features Matthias Gromeier, MD

Discussing cancer costs can reduce treatment expenses (Reuters)
Features Wynn Hunter, MD, MHSc  

Why More Women Are Getting a Double Mastectomy (Time)
Features Shelly Hwang, MD

Ethanol: A Lethal Injection For Tumors (American Council on Science and Health)
Features Mark Dewhirst, MD, PhD; Nimmi Ramanujam, PhD 

The Who, What, and How of Cabazitaxel Treatment in Metastatic Castration-Resistant Prostate Cancer (Journal of Clinical Oncology)
Features Andrew Armstrong, MD and Tian Zhang, MD

WATCH: Prostate Cancer: Advice for Oncologists on AR-V7 Testing (OncLive)
Features Andrew Armstrong, MD 

WATCH: Dr. Armstrong on Precision Medicine for Metastatic Prostate Cancer (OncLive)
Features Andrew Armstrong, MD 

Exploring Quality of Care for Long-Term Cancer Survivors (Oncology Times)
Features Kevin Oeffinger, MD

Insured Cancer Patients Face Financial Toxicity, Study Finds (Oncology Times)
Features Yousuf Zafar, MD, MHS

International Consensus (or Not) on Management of Advanced Prostate Cancer (ASCO Post)
Features Susan Halabi, PhD

Blood testing via sound waves may replace some tissue biopsies (
Features Tony Jun Huang, PhD

Cancer Cells’ Energy Source Blocked by Natural Compound (Technology Networks)
Features Jason Locasale, PhD

News Brief: CTSA Program Collaboration Aims to Improve Brain Cancer Drug Testing (NIH)
Features Donald Lo, PhD

Komen gives $1.3 million to Duke, UNC-Chapel Hill (Philanthropy North Carolina)

PADI and Duke University Medical Center Explore the Benefits of Scuba Diving for Breast Cancer Survivors (BioPortfolio)
Features Dawn Kernagis, PhD candidate

WATCH: Come Together: A Health Disparities & Equity Cancer Program Built on Community Collaboration (ACCC)
Features Nadine Barrett, PhD


Cancer immunotherapy with recombinant poliovirus induces IFN-dominant activation of dendritic cells and tumor antigen–specific CTLs. Science Translational MedicineMichael C. Brown, PhD; Eda K. Holl, PhD; David Boczkowski, MS; Elena Dobrikova, PhD; Mubeen Mosaheb; Vidya Chandramohan, PhD; Darell D. Bigner, MD, PhD; Matthias Gromeier, PhD; and Smita K. Nair, PhD. 

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