Shariff & Zhang Launch Podcast on Immune Related Toxicities

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Tian Zhang
Tian Zhang, MD, MHS
Afreen Shariff
Afreen Shariff, MD

Duke Cancer Institute members Afreen Idris Shariff, MD, & Tian Zhang, MD, have launched a podcast on immune-related toxicities. Discussions on their new podcast series Checkpoint Now — launched this past fall — focus on dialogue and shared decision making between oncologists & sub-specialty experts about the latest evidence, practice guidelines and opinions on managing complex immune related toxicities.

Shariff is an endocrinologist, assistant professor in the Department of Medicine, and the associate director for the multi-disciplinary Toxicity Program at the Center for Cancer Immunotherapy at DCI.

Zhang is a medical oncologist specializing in genitourinary malignancies and an assistant professor in the Department of Medicine, Division of Medical Oncology. She actively leads both clinical and translational research studies in GU Oncology, Phase 1, and the Center for Cancer Immunotherapy at DCI.

There have been three episodes so far — each focusing on the management of endocrine toxicities:

Episode 1:  Immune checkpoint inhibitors: What have we learned so far? 
Episode 2: 
Challenges encountered in the diagnosis & management of immune related thyroid toxicities
Episode 3:  Breaking down the diagnosis and management of immune hypophysitis 
Episode 4: 
Immune mediated inflammatory arthritis: challenges in diagnosis and management
Episode 5:  Immune mediated myositis and myalgia's: diagnosis and management for the non-  Rheumatologist
Future episodes are planned for the management of rheumatic, cardiac, dermatologic and GI toxicities.


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