Two of Three CTSA TL1 Post-Doc Training Program Awards Go to 2 Cancer Scientists

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Duke CTSATwo of the three fellows to receive a Duke CTSA TL1 Post-Doctoral Training Program Award this month are engaged in cancer-related research.

The TL1 Program provides two years of funded time to support the research training of outstanding junior scientists. Duke TL1 scholars receive tailored professional development support and an NIH-scale postdoctoral stipend, as well as federally designated training-related expenses.

Kristin Batich
Kristen Batich, MD, PhD
Stephanie Blocker
Stephanie Blocker, PhD

Neuro-Oncology fellow Kristen Batich, MD, PhD, will research "Endogenous dendritic cell migration and neoantigen responses in spontaneous glioblastoma." She'll continue her work in the clinical space of neuro-oncology & clinical trials. Ashley Moseman, PhD, is her primary mentor.

Radiology fellow Stephanie Blocker, PhD, will research  "Multi-modal imaging of tissue heterogeneity in tumors of the head and neck."

Blocker is a member of the Center for In Vivo Microscopy in the Duke Department of Radiology. G. Allan Johnson, PhD, is her primary mentor.