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Program Leadership

Michael B. Kastan, MD, PhD
Executive Director
Steven Patierno, PhD
Deputy Director
Robin Famiglietti, PhD, MBA, FACHE
Chief Administrator
Robin Famiglietti, PhD, MBA, FACHE

2018 DCI Annual Report :: DCI Five-Year Strategic Plan

A Collaborative Powerhouse

Duke Cancer Institute is a collaborative powerhouse—audacious, evolving, unconventional—at the center of a world-renowned university and medical center. We unleash the power of synchronous collaboration to create breakthroughs that rapidly transform the unimagined into the possible—to fuel a pace of discoveries and advances previously thought impossible.

We discover, develop and deliver the future of cancer care . . . now.

Established in 1973 as one of the original eight comprehensive cancer centers designated by the National Cancer Institute (NCI), today our patients come for care from every county in North Carolina, every state in the nation and from around the world.

Integrated Patient Care

We have organized our flagship cancer center to assemble each patient’s entire clinical team and treatment resources in a single building. Duke Cancer Institute integrates patient care, research and education. This ground-breaking model for care improves patient outcomes, decreases the burden of cancer and accelerates scientific progress. 

Game-Changing Research

We take the road less traveled to increase breakthrough discoveries. Inspired by the bravery of our patients, we are unafraid to pursue even outrageous possibilities. Is the risk higher? Yes. And sometimes we fall short. But when we succeed, we unharness game-changing breakthroughs, such as using the polio virus to shrink brain tumors, using copper to target and kill melanomas and prostate cancer and smart-bombing HER-2 breast cancer with TDM-1.

Synchronous Collaboration

We’re moving further, faster and with greater purpose. We draw from Duke’s entire pool of world-class talent and resources to create non-linear exchanges of knowledge and innovation. By doing so, we exponentially increase the probability of advances to transform cancer prevention and care. We have more than 300 researchers and physcians from 27 departments and seven schools at Duke University. At any one time, Duke Cancer Institute offers enrollment in more than 1,000 cancer-related clinical studies.

Critical Mass of Talent

We help tomorrow’s superstars stand on the shoulders of giants. Rising stars and renowned leaders alike come here to join Duke Cancer Institute’s global front-runners in science, medicine and technology. We encourage these brilliant investigators and physicians with an ethos of original thinking and collaboration to accelerate and expand their pioneering work.

At A Glance

  • Duke Cancer Institute, with its six locations, treated almost 70,000 cancer patients in 2016.
  • In 2016 Duke Cancer Institute performed more than 41,000 mammograms, 14,339 colonoscopies and 6,674 prostate screenings.
  • Duke Cancer Institute is one of 69 National Cancer institute-designated comprehensive cancer centers.
  • Duke Cancer Institute is home to more than 300 researchers and physicians.
  • Duke Cancer Institute includes clinical and research partnerships in India, China, Singapore and across the United States.
  • Each year Duke receives more than $300 million in cancer research funding.