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Duke Cancer Fund

The Road Less Traveled

Bad viruses engineered to do good work: Matthias Gromeier, MD, holds a sample of the modified poliovirus he developed to attack glioblastoma brain tumor cells.Inspired by the bravery of our patients, we have become unafraid to pursue even outrageous possibilities. Is the risk higher? Yes. And sometimes we fall short. But when we succeed, we unleash game-changing breakthroughs that seldom occur in the hallways of any other cancer center.

Duke Cancer Institute is a collaborative powerhouse providing the perfect incubator for high-reward discovery, rapid innovation and improved patient outcomes. Rising stars and renowned leaders alike come here to join our global front-runners in science, medicine and technology. We encourage these brilliant investigators and physicians with an ethos of original thinking and collaboration to accelerate and expand their pioneering work. We now seek the ultimate collaboration—the partnership that will allow us to fully realize the potential of every step we have taken to transform cancer research and care.

The Duke Cancer Fund ensures that science keeps moving forward to better treatments and, ulimately, cures. When you partner with us and support this fund, you provide us with resources we can apply quickly and dramatically to fund our most important work:

  • removing regulatory roadblocks between novel therapies and patients
  • fast-tracking frontier research and innovative treatments
  • enabling leading-edge cancer surgeries and procedures
  • attracting and energizing the brightest young minds in cancer research

Best of all, your donation fosters even more working partnerships between our patients and our scientists, pushing back the frontiers of cancer research while giving patients the gift of another cherished month, another treasured season, another priceless year.

At Duke Cancer Institute, you’ll find remarkable stories everywhere you look. As you read about these ground-breaking discoveries, innovative treatments and courageous lives, don’t be surprised if you feel a restless energy and a rising determination.David Kirsch, MD, PhD, is the senior author of a study that shows a new injectable agent can cause cancer cells in a tumor to fluoresce, potentially increasing a surgeon’s ability to locate and remove all of a cancerous tumor on the first attempt.

The Duke Cancer Fund provides the opportunity to make remarkable impact by uniting the gifts of many individuals to provide resources where they are most needed. Your donations go directly to cutting-edge cancer research, education and integrated patient care at Duke Cancer Institute. Your generous support will provide hope to patients and families battling cancer and ensures that we can continue the breakthrough work we’ve already begun.

We welcome gifts to all areas of cancer research, including our Duke Cancer Fund that supports priority areas of greatest need across Duke Cancer Institute.  

All of us at the DCI earnestly invite you to consider a philanthropic partnership with us—to join us on the road less traveled.

We excitedly—and impatiently—await your answer.