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Laura Rosenberger, MD

Helping Advance Phyllodes Tumor Research

Outdoors with groom, bride, and bride's grandparents posing
Karen Kump (right), with her family at her granddaughter's wedding. (Left to right: Elliot Williams, Natalie Williams, Jake Kump, Karen Kump)

Karen Kump of Elko, Nevada, knew the lump on her right breast should be checked by a doctor when she first noticed it in July 2022. “But my granddaughter was getting married, and I wanted the attention to be on her,” she said. Kump, 78, didn’t know the mass was a rare type of breast cancer called a phyllodes tumor. Within two months, Kump needed a mastectomy because it had grown so big, so fast. Now, the retired schoolteacher is participating in phyllodes tumor research at Duke Health. “I’m hoping others might benefit from what I went through,” she said.