Clinical Trials

Some trials may not be listed below. For questions regarding cancer trials at Duke, please contact the Duke Recruitment Innovation Center via email  or call 919.681.5698.

Clinical Trials


Our experts across all cancer specialties participate in national clinical trials and perform the most advanced treatment methods using the latest technology available. As a result, we offer a broader selection of medical, surgical and minimally invasive options to more people, including those who are not considered candidates for treatment elsewhere. We offer unprecedented access to clinical trials.

As the recipient of millions of dollars annually in research funding, we offer our patients access to clinical trials at the forefront of treatment development, as well as advances in technologies and techniques, long before they become routinely available. You may be eligible to participate in our clinical trials, which test new cancer therapies, and explore genomics, the study of genes, how they function, and their impact on health. These efforts ensure our patients receive more personalized treatment options.

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