Microscopic view of cancer cells

Oliver Joins DCI from Huntsman Cancer Institute

Duke University School of Medicine continues its investment in science faculty recruitment and retention with the selection of four additional Duke Science and Technology Scholars. 

This year’s cohort is made up of scholars who are exploring innovations in lung cancer treatment, fat storage, and metabolism, aging, and biochemistry. 

“The scholars have accepted the challenge to address the most pressing global issues,” said Colin Duckett, Ph.D., vice dean of basic science at the Duke University School of Medicine. “Their deep scientific knowledge, cultivated through connections at Duke, will help move science forward.”  

Trudy G. Oliver, PhD, joins the Duke Department of Pharmacology and Cancer Biology, after relocating her lab from the Huntsman Cancer Institute at the University of Utah, Salt Lake City, Utah. At Huntsman, she was the endowed chair in Cancer Research and associate professor in the Department of Oncological Sciences. Her research focuses on subtypes of lung cancer, specifically squamous and small-cell lung cancer. Her lab investigates the mechanisms of tumor initiation, progression, plasticity, and drug resistance to uncover vulnerabilities that may be targeted by therapeutics.   

“I completed my Ph.D. in the pharmacology and cancer biology department almost 20 years ago, and I loved my experience and training at Duke,” she said. “I was excited to return and join many wonderful friends and colleagues in this area, and to help give back to the program that launched my own career in science.”   

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This excerpt is from an article on the Duke University School of Medicine website. Read the full article to learn about other scholars who were recently recruited as Duke Science and Technology Scholars.