doctor and patient after a race
Dr. Christina Gasparetto with her patient,Thomas Goode.

Oncologist and Patient Talk About Their 16-Year Multiple Myeloma Journey

Duke Cancer Institute multiple myeloma specialist Cristina Gasparetto, MD, and her patient Thomas Goode, have a candid conversation, in four parts, about the physician-patient journey — from Thomas’ multiple myeloma diagnosis 16 years ago to the present. The journey includes building a strong relationship to support struggles and successes and a path to the future.

This "Mye Journey" series is presented by Duke Cancer Institute and is funded by Multiple Myeloma Research Fund donations.

Episode 1: How the Journey Began

Episode 2: The Journey to Building a Strong Relationship

Episode 3: The Value of a Strong Physician-Patient Relationship

Episode 4: The Importance of Patient Support Systems and Advocacy