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Tomi Akinyemiju Rebecca Previs
Tomi Akinyemiju, PhD, social and molecular cancer epidemiologist and associate director, Community Outreach, Engagement and Equity (COEE) at DCI, and Rebecca Previs, MD, adjunct gynecologic oncology faculty.
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six adults and a child standing on a field posing and smiling
(from left to right) Brian Brigman, MD, PhD; Kate Ericson, NP; Nicole Mouser, Nurse Clinician; Colleen Forbes, Nurse Clinician; Sarcoma survivor Sharon Alston; Pam Pennigar, NP; and Ms. Alston’s son Cason. (photo courtesy of Sharon Alston)
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group at NASDAQ opening
(Center at the microphone) Liz and Peter Menges, parents of the late Bobby Menges, and founders of the "I'm Not Done Yet Foundation."
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