Hal Cecil Charles
Hal Cecil Charles

Hal Charles

Adjunct Associate Professor in the Department of Radiology


Dr. Charles is an Associate Professor of Radiology, a chemist and an expert in MR imaging and spectroscopy with over 40 years of experience in nuclear magnetic resonance. He serves as the Scientific Director of the Duke Center for Advanced Magnetic Resonance Development.  He has had extensive experience in conducting longitudinal clinical trials with MRI and MRS used as imaging biomarkers. He is also director of the Duke Image Analysis Laboratory which is active in conducting clinical trials in CNS disorders (schizophrenia, MCI, AD), cancer, osteoarthritis and lung disease using imaging based biomarkers. His lab has developed approaches for imaging lung function (ventilation and V/Q) in humans with 19F MRI.


Adjunct Associate Professor in the Department of Radiology in the School of Medicine

2022 School of Medicine

Member of the Duke Cancer Institute in the School of Medicine

1987 School of Medicine


Ph.D. 1981

1981 University of New Orleans

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Box 2702 Med Ctr
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