Jennifer K Plichta
Jennifer K Plichta

Jennifer K Plichta

Associate Professor of Surgery


Dr. Jennifer Plichta is an Associate Professor of Surgery & Population Health Sciences at Duke University. She serves as the Director of the Breast Risk Assessment Clinic in the Duke Cancer Institute, where she cares for patients with breast cancer, benign breast problems, and those with an increased risk of breast cancer. Her clinical interests include establishing routine breast cancer risk assessment for women and creating personalized management strategies for those found to be “high risk”.


Dr. Plichta’s research focuses of identifying and managing women with risk factors for breast cancer, including those with genetic mutations, such as BRCA, those with abnormal breast biopsies, and those with a family history of breast cancer. She is also studying metastatic breast cancer and how breast cancer staging can be used to improve patient care and education. 


However, her dedication to breast cancer extends beyond her clinical and research interests. She also enjoys educating the community about breast cancer and helping to raise money for breast cancer research and education. She is the creator and primary coordinator of Duke’s free, annual breast education day for the community, “What’s best for breasts?”.


Associate Professor of Surgery in the School of Medicine

2021 School of Medicine

Associate Professor in Population Health Sciences in the School of Medicine

2021 School of Medicine

Member of the Duke Cancer Institute in the School of Medicine

2018 School of Medicine


B.A. 2002

2002 Depauw University

M.D. 2008

2008 Indiana University, School of Medicine

M.S. 2012

2012 Loyola University Medical Center

General Surgery Resident, SURGERY

2015 Loyola University Medical Center

Breast Surgery Fellowship, SURGERY

2016 Dana Farber Cancer Institute

Breast Surgery Fellowship, SURGERY

2016 Massachusetts General Hospital

Breast Surgery Fellowship, SURGERY

2016 Brigham and Women's Hospital

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