2024 Shingleton Awardees


Celebrating 2024 Shingleton Awardees

Members of the Shingleton Society gathered in April 2024 to honor this year's Shingleton awardees. Duke Cancer Institute Executive Director Michael Kastan, MD, PhD, provided an update on the institute. Carey Anders, MD, presented a keynote address.

Inspired by William W. Shingleton, MD, founding father and emeritus director of the Duke Comprehensive Cancer Center, this prestigious award recognizes the outstanding service and generosity of individuals committed to advancing the fight against cancer.

Congratulations to the 2024 awardees listed below. Learn more about them in the linked videos. 


A group of people in front of a blue Shingleton Society backdrop
Heather Paradis Keyser (second from right) at the 2024 Shingleton Awards Ceremony.

Heather Paradis Keyser

Heather Paradis Keyser cared for hematology-oncology patients at Duke University Hospital as a nurse practitioner for 27 years.  When she found her professional and personal world colliding after her late husband was diagnosed with leukemia, she leaned on Duke Cancer Institute and its Cancer Patient Support Program. In her late husband’s memory, she has given back through philanthropy and through volunteering.  


A group of people in front of a blue Shingleton Society backdrop
Organizers of the Molly Malloy Smith Golf Tournament at the 2024 Shingleton Society Awards.

Molly Malloy Golf Tournament Organizers

This tournament in Chesapeake, Virginia, was started by family and friends of Molly Malloy Smith, who was treated at Duke Cancer Institute in 2015. 

Molly was, in her father’s words, “full of Irish moxie, had an infectious loud laugh, a quick, sharp wit, and was always up for a party. You could not ask for a better friend or a worse adversary.”

Molly was a well-respected member of the business community, and this tournament which honors her is embraced her business associates, friends, and golfers throughout the community.

Tournament organizers wanted to support DCI because Molly’s family was so impressed with care she received during her short time here.

This October they will host their 8th annual tournament. 

A group of people stand beside a Shingleton Society poster.
Tracer Berger, MS, LMFT, (second from left) at the 2024 Shingleton Awards Ceremony.

Tracy Berger, MS, LMFT

Tracy Berger, MS, LMFT, Medical Family Therapist with the Duke Cancer Patient Support Program,  joined Duke in 2001 as a medical family therapy intern focused on the inpatient oncology units.

When the internship year was coming to an end, it was no surprise that she was offered a full therapy position.  Over the years, she has provided countless hours of therapy to thousands of patients and their family members. She has been a caregiver partner alongside the provider team, who, themselves, say they “could not imagine working without her.” 

A group of people smiling at the camera
Donna Bernstein, second from left, at the 2024 Shingleton Society Awards ceremony.

Donna Bernstein

Donna Berntein is an active DCI Board of Advisors member and has been a champion and a tireless advocate for the DCI and for the cancer cause. She and the Bernstein family donated the Bernstein Garden at the Duke Cancer Center. Her philanthropy has also been critical in establishing and maintaining programs in Duke Neurosurgery, as well as DCI programs in the Supportive Care and Survivorship Center, the Office of Health Equity, breast cancer community outreach efforts, and the Center for Prostate and Urologic Cancers.  

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