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SCOPY Awardees from Duke: Angelo Moore, PhD, RN; Julius Wilder, MD, PhD; Tristan Evans; Ping Zhang; Juan Sanchez, MD; Tzu-Hao Lee, MD. (photo by Jessica Hyland)

Duke GI/DCI/Durham Cty Wins Social Media SCOPY Award


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The Durham County Colorectal Cancer Screening Workgroup, Duke Division of Gastroenterology, and Duke Cancer Institute received a SCOPY Award from the American College of Gastroenterology (ACG) for "Best Culturally Inclusive Social Media Event” for their entry “Duke Cancer Institute Facebook Live Event for Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month.”

The SCOPY Award recognizes the achievements of groups in their community engagement, education, and awareness efforts for colorectal cancer prevention.

“We are inspired by your commitment to raising colorectal cancer awareness during a difficult time and wish you, your family, colleagues, and community well during a challenging year,” wrote Becky Abel, M.Ed., Manager, Communications & Member Publications, American College of Gastroenterology, in her email to the event planners and participants announcing their selection to receive the award. “All of the SCOPY submissions for 2020 will be featured in a booklet shared with the members of the College. Though we cannot safely convene in person this year, the College will continue to honor innovative and impactful community education programs to raise awareness of colorectal cancer.”

The Project

The Durham County Colorectal Cancer Screening Workgroup developed and planned an afternoon of four different public conversations with providers and a patient on colorectal cancer screening to be live-streamed on Facebook on March 2, 2020 — two in English, one in Spanish, and one in Chinese.

The Durham County Colorectal (CRC) Cancer Screening Workgroup is comprised of Angelo Moore, Ph.D., RN (Program Manager, Duke Cancer Institute Office of Health Equity), Chelsea Hawkins, MPH, MCHES (then Public Health Education Specialist, Durham County Department of Public Health), Willa Robinson Allen, MPH, MHED, MCHES (Program Manager, Health Promotion and Wellness, Durham County Department of Public Health) and Elaine Hart-Brothers, MD, MPH, FACP (Founding Director, Community Health Coalition, Inc.)

Chief of the Duke Division of Gastroenterology Andrew Muir, MD, helped facilitate securing the medical providers for this project, and Aleecia Smith, PhD (Manager, Communications and Public Relations, Durham County Department of Public Health) and Jessica Hyland (Communications Strategist, Duke Cancer Institute Center for Prostate & Urologic Cancers and then Social Media Strategist, DCI) devised a communications strategy, including simulcasting each of the events on both the Durham County Department of Public Health Facebook page and the Duke Cancer Institute Facebook page.

Watch the Conversations

Angelo Moore, Ph.D., RN, interviews Duke gastroenterologist Julius Wilder, MD, Ph.D. (Assistant Professor of Medicine, Duke Division of Gastroenterology) on colorectal cancer and the importance of screening. (in English) Then, Moore spoke with colorectal cancer survivor Tristan Evans on his experience being screened and treated for cancer at Duke. (in English) There have been 832 views, to date, of this broadcast,

Chelsea Hawkins, MPH, MCHES, (Public Health Education Specialist, Durham County Department of Public Health) discusses colon cancer awareness and screening with Duke gastroenterologist Juan Sanchez, MD. (in Spanish) There have been 763 views, to date, of this broadcast.

Ping Zhang (Asian American Community Liason) discussed colon cancer awareness and screening with Duke gastroenterologist Tzu-Hao Lee, MD. (in Chinese) There have been 390 views, to date, of this broadcast.

The official awards ceremony will take place during the American College of Gastroenterology’s  Annual Scientific Meeting, on October 24 via the ACG 2020 Annual Scientific Meeting virtual platform.

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