Giselle Yvette López
Giselle Yvette López

Giselle Yvette López

Associate Professor in Pathology


I am a physician scientist with a clinical focus on neuropathology, and a research interest in brain tumors. Originally from Maryland, I completed my undergraduate training at the University of Maryland, completing degrees in Physiology and Neurobiology as well as Spanish Language and Literature. I subsequently came to Duke for my MD and PhD, and discovered a passion for brain tumor research, and quickly realized that this was my life's calling. Clinically, I specialize in neuropathology. While I have active projects and collaborations on many kinds of brain tumors, my lab's primary focus is oligodendroglioma, a kind of infiltrative brain tumor that impacts adults. Our goal is to identify new ways to treat these tumors and improve the lives of patients with oligodendrogliomas and other kinds of brain tumors. By blending together computational approaches with wet lab approaches, we use the strengths inherent in different research modalities to excel in identifying unexplored pathways and thinking outside the box to identify new ways to target this brain tumor.  We do this through research in an inclusive, multidisciplinary lab environment that strives for excellence in research while creating well-rounded, thriving scientists ready for the next step in their careers.

Research Opportunities
We currently have opportunities in the laboratory for one-year projects (ideal for post-bac fellows or third year med student research experiences), as well as more extensive projects (graduate student-level). These projects are centered on identifying and testing novel therapeutic approaches for oligodendroglioma using in vitro and in vivo model systems. Please reach out if you are interested and would like to hear more about my mentoring philosophy, lab culture, and opportunities to be at the cutting edge of science.


Associate Professor in Pathology in the School of Medicine

2024 School of Medicine

Assistant Professor in Neurosurgery in the School of Medicine

2020 School of Medicine

Member of the Duke Cancer Institute in the School of Medicine

2019 School of Medicine


B.S. 2005

2005 University of Maryland, College Park

B.A. 2005

2005 University of Maryland, College Park

MD./PhD. 2014

2014 Duke University, School of Medicine


2014 Duke University


2016 University of California, San Francisco


2018 University of California, San Francisco

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207M Green Zone, Duke South
Durham, NC
Box 3712 Med Ctr
Durham, NC