Hui-Kuan Lin
Hui-Kuan Lin

Hui-Kuan Lin

Professor in Pathology


The research interest in Dr. Lin lab is to understand oncogenic networks between oncogenes and tumor suppressor genes, dissect the regulatory mechanisms underlying  the crosstalk between ageing and cancer, to unravel the role of posttranslational modifications (PTMs) such as ubiquitination  and metabolism in diverse molecular and biological processes important for cancer progression and metastasis, cancer stem regulation, cancer immunity and drug resistance by using biochemical and molecular approaches along with and genetic mouse models, and finally to develop small molecule inhibitors and antibodies targeting critical oncogenic signaling and metabolic vulnerabilities for cancer treatment. His research goals aim to not only reveal fundamental insights and concepts for cancer biology and cancer immunity, but also develop novel paradigms and therapeutic strategies for targeting human cancer and overcoming drug resistance.

Research interests include:

  • Crosstalk between oncogenic and tumor suppressor networks
  • Posttranslational modifications in signaling and cancer
  • Cancer progression and metastasis
  • Biology of normal and cancer stem cells
  • Metabolism in cancer and ageing


Professor in Pathology in the School of Medicine

2023 School of Medicine

Professor of Pharmacology and Cancer Biology in the School of Medicine

2024 School of Medicine

Member of the Duke Cancer Institute in the School of Medicine

2023 School of Medicine


Ph.D. 2002

2002 University of Rochester

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