Murat Osman Arcasoy
Murat Osman Arcasoy

Murat Osman Arcasoy

Professor of Medicine


Dr. Arcasoy's research interests include 1)The role of cytokines and cytokine receptors in hematopoietic commitment and lineage-specific differentiation 2) Mechanisms of tissue-specific expression of erythropoietin receptor (EPOR) gene and its role in lineage commitment and lineage-specific differentiation 3) Studies of the molecular basis of familial and congenital myeloproliferative disorders.4). Isolation of novel hematopoietic cytokine-responsive genes and study of their function and regulation 5). Characterization of novel non-hematopoietic functions of EPOR signaling

Dr. Arcasoy's laboratory has been studying the expression, regulation and function of the EPOR gene focusing on the function of naturally occurring mutations of the EPOR gene that result in primary familial and congenital polycythemia as well as the non-hematopoietic expression and functions of EPOR in vascular endothelium, macrophages, cardiac myocytes and cancer cells. We have also been studying global gene expression in erythroid cells from patients with polycythemia vera to better characterize the molecular signature of the disorder and develop new diagnostic tools.


Professor of Medicine in the School of Medicine

2016 School of Medicine

Member of the Duke Cancer Institute in the School of Medicine

2012 School of Medicine


M.D. 1987

1987 Aegean University, School of Medicine (Turkey)

Medical Resident, Medicine

1991 State University of New York, Brooklyn

Chief Medical Resident, Medicine

1992 State University of New York, Brooklyn

Hematology Fellow, Medicine

1993 Yale University

Fellow in Medical Oncology, Medicine

1998 Yale University

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