Niharika Bansal Mettu
Niharika Bansal Mettu

Niharika Mettu

Associate Professor of Medicine


My long-term goal is to develop new therapies to treat patients with gastrointestinal and other solid tumors. To accomplish this, I am active in designing, writing, and running phase I and II clinical trials. I am also interested in the correlative science that furthers our understanding of cancer at a molecular level. I am interested in the identification of biomarkers, which are characteristics of a given patient's tumor that may help us to understand his or her prognosis or how well he or she may respond to a given therapy. The overall objective of this research is to use the knowledge gained to personalize care and find the very best therapies that will enable our patients to fight their cancer.


Associate Professor of Medicine in the School of Medicine

2023 School of Medicine

Member of the Duke Cancer Institute in the School of Medicine

2017 School of Medicine


Ph.D. 2007

2007 Duke University

M.D. 2008

2008 Duke University, School of Medicine

Internal Medicine Residency, MEDICINE

2011 Duke University, School of Medicine

Hematology-Oncology Fellowship, MEDICINE

2014 Duke University, School of Medicine

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