Zachary Hartman

Associate Professor in Surgery
Zachary Hartman
Zachary Hartman


My research interests encompass studies of immunity and inflammation in the context of developing and established cancers. These research interests involve studies of inflammation in the genesis and maintenance of specific cancer types (principally breast and ovarian), as well as the impact of inflammation on tumor metastasis and the tumor microenvironment.  My group is also involved in strategies to modulate the immune response to tumors, which involves the use of novel immunotherapeutic strategies and development of vaccines to specific oncogenic targets.  The major focus of my lab is in uncovering strategies to modulate tumor-derived inflammation and tumor-specific immunity that will translate into clinically efficacious therapies in patients.


Associate Professor in Surgery in the School of Medicine

2023 School of Medicine

Assistant Professor in Immunology in the School of Medicine

2021 School of Medicine

Associate Professor in Pathology in the School of Medicine

2022 School of Medicine

Member of the Duke Cancer Institute in the School of Medicine

2020 School of Medicine


Ph.D. 2006

2006 Duke University

Postdoctoral Fellow

2010 Duke University

Postdoctoral Fellow, Md Anderson Cancer Center

2012 University of Texas Medical School, Houston

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Box 2606 Med Ctr
Durham, NC
Research Drive, Msrbi Rm 414
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