"Bakerstrong" Against Sarcoma

Bakerstrong bracelet
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The late Clayton Baker with his son, Gavin, and wife, Deirdre.

Known for his sense of humor, leadership, and mentoring, Clayton Baker was well loved by many at the professional services company Ernst and Young.

When he was diagnosed with sarcoma (soft tisssue cancer) in 2019, fellow employees began the “Bakerstrong” fundraising campaign in his honor to support sarcoma research at Duke.

Shortly after being named as a consulting managing partner, Baker had to step away from work. He passed away from the disease in 2020, after spending 12 years at the company.

His former colleagues have continued their campaign, and the group has raised more than $43,000 to date to support research in Duke’s Multidisciplinary Sarcoma Program.

On October 4, 2021, the group is holding a golf tournament in Charlotte, North Carolina, to boost their support even further. 

To donate or learn more, visit:  bit.ly/Bakerstrong2021.

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