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OncLive State of the Science Summit: Breast Cancer



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Raleigh Marriott at Crabtree Valley Mall
4500 Marriott Drive
Raleigh, NC
This event has passed.
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Gretchen Kimmick, MD

Duke breast medical oncologist and professor Gretchen Kimmick, MD, MS, is program chair of this in-person-only symposium hosted by OncLive and featuring faculty and clinicians from the DCI breast team. The event will take place at the Raleigh Marriott at Crabtree Valley Mall  November 30, 2023, from 6:00 to 9:00 PM.

Topics & Speakers

  • Managing HER2+ and HER2-low Metastatic Breast Cancer — Vijay G. Paryani, MD
  • Treating HR+/HER2- Metastatic Breast Cancer — Stacy Cowherd Telloni, MD, MPH
  • Case Presentation on Breast Imaging and Diagnostics with Ultrasound — Tammy Kreuzer, MD
  • Beyond CDK 4/6 Inhibitors: ADCs and New Targets in mBC — Rani Bansal, MD
  • The Role of Oral SERDs in Metastatic Breast Cancer — Heather Moore, CPP, PharmD
  • Updates in Breast Surgery — Ton Wang, MD

Presentations will be followed by a Q & A.

An OncLive State of the Science Summit (SOSS) is an in-person meeting designed for academic and community-based physicians and health care professionals, which focuses on the science driving updates in cancer management and the associated clinical benefits for patients. SOSS attendees will improve their knowledge of novel treatment approaches and reinforce their confidence in applying state-of-the-art treatment strategies.

Registration for this Summit is complimentary.

Message from OncLive: OncLive’s top priority is ensuring the safety and security of our attendees, staff, and operational personnel. We are dedicated to remaining informed about the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic at the global and local levels. As we develop the programming for this activity, OncLive will follow the guidelines to optimize health and conditions for attendees during the event. Ongoing updates on OncLive’s plans related to this event, including education and programming, will continue to be available at OncLive. Please note attendance at any public event increases the risk of contracting COVID-19 or other airborne illness, and attendees assume all risk associated with attendance. Any attendees who feel ill, regardless of their symptoms, should not attend this event.