Certified Tumor Registrars

Certified Tumor Registrars (CTR) manage and analyze clinical cancer information for processing, maintaining, compiling, and reporting health information. This information is used for research, quality management, and improvement, facility planning and marketing, monitoring patient outcomes, cancer program development, cancer prevention and surveillance, survival data, compliance with reporting standards, evaluation of the results of treatment, and meeting state and national accreditation standards.

The certified tumor registrars at the Duke Cancer Institute possess the clinical and technical knowledge and skills to maintain the disease-related data collection systems for the Cancer Registry Department. This includes components of cancer-related diseases consistent with medical, administrative, ethical, legal, and accreditation requirements of the health care delivery system. Our primary customers are:

  • North Carolina Central Cancer Registry (state-mandated reporting) 
  • American College of Surgeons, Commission on Cancer (National Cancer Data reporting) 
  • Researchers (data for new studies, ongoing studies, and survival data)
  • Administrators/directors (planning and development of new programs)
  • Center for Supportive Care and Survivorship (survivor events, education events, support programs)
  • Outside registries (requests for diagnostic, treatment, and follow-up information)


Tumor Registrars

  • Debbie Carroll, CTR
  • Jackie Ellis, AAS, CTR
  • Cherry Fitton, BBA, CTR
  • Christy Hall, AAS, CTR
  • Debbie Poovey, CTR
  • Colleen Lane, BBA. CTR
  • Martina Manis, BS, RHIA, CTR
  • Joyce Boeh, AAS, RHIT, CTR
  • Paula Buck, CTR