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The Numbers Are In: Clarivate’s Annual List of Most Highly Cited Scientists


Six of the thirty Duke University researchers named to the 2023 Clarivate list of highly cited researchers are Duke Cancer Institute members.

To make the cut, a published paper has to be ranked in the top 1% for its field for the last decade. Clarivate’s “Institute for Scientific Information” crunches all the numbers.

There are 6,938 highly cited scientists this year, from 69 countries and regions. Several appear in more than one division. The United States still dominates with 38 percent of the honorees, but Chinese scientists are on the rise at 16 percent.

Categories & DCI Faculty Cited  

Neuroscience and Behavior: Quinn Ostrom, PhD 

Biology and Biochemistry: Charles A. Gersbach, PhD  

Cross-Field:  Robert Lefkowitz, MD || Jason Locasale, PhD || Christopher Newgard, PhD || Bryce B. Reeve, PhD 

Microbiology: Barton F. Haynes, PhD

Read Full List on the Duke Research Blog

Last Year's Rankings

Most of the faculty listed above were also "highly cited" in 2021 and 2022, including Robert Lefkowitz, MD (in Biology and Biochemistry), Barton Haynes, MD (in Microbiology), Charles Gersbach, PhD (in Biology and Biochemistry), Jason Locasale, PhD (in Cross-Field), and Christopher Newgard, PhD (in Cross-Field).

Quinn T. Ostrom, PhD, MPH, MA (Neuroscience and Behavior) made her first-ever appearance on the list in 2022, making this year her second. Ostrom is a cancer epidemiologist with specialized training in genetic epidemiology. Her research seeks to identify genetic factors that increase the risk of developing a brain tumor as well as those that affect prognosis after diagnosis. Read More in the Duke Department of Neurosurgery blog



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